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15 Best Dirt Bike Trails in Florida To Explore Now (2023)

Florida is blessed with incredible trails in which to explore on a dirt bike, with many being near Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa and Orlando.

With year-round awesome weather, there aint no reason why you shouldn’t get out there and explore on 2-wheels!

Best Dirt Bike Trails in Florida

We’ve done the research here at Frontaer so you don’t have to. After all, you’d rather be out there on the trails and exploring the woods instead of watching others having all the fun.

Instead of creating a guide of MX clubs and closed-circuit racing tracks, we realized that most people in Florida wanted recreational riding areas. They wanted spots where it’s legal to ride their dirt bike provided they had a Florida OHV Permit while taking their kids along for the journey. Or you wanted places to go on a group ride or join in an enduro or dual-sport event. Either way, we’ve got you covered here!

These are Florida’s best dirt bike riding trails:

1. Osceoloa National Forest

If you fancy some old forest service roads and easy riding, then get yourself and some buddies into Osceola National Forest. Most people head to the unofficial statging area that is found of Mount Carrie Road and unfortunately trailers just aren’t suitable here. Should you want to camp overnight then we can recommend Seventeen Mile Campground or Wiggins with both offering direct trail access.

2. Big Scrub Recreational Area

Big Scrub in Umatilla, FL offers miles and miles of riding trails and you can camp here overnight. You’ll also need a trail pass (it’s different than the OHV Permit) but fortunately, it covers you for 3 days straight. With hot showers available, there isn’t any reason why you couldn’t stay overnight here.

3. Florida Tracks and Trails

Florida Tracks and Trails is very popular for both MX and enduro riders, as well as recreational weekend warriors. You’ll 4 very good motocross tracks up to national-standard as well as 26 miles of tracks to explore. The mud play areas are worth spectating and staying overnight is recommended especially as the white beaches and tropical vibes are alive and well. There is even a store selling replacement parts and they do live concerts here often.

4. Apalachicola National Forest

With more than 100 miles to explore, Apalachicola National Forest has a reputation as one of the best places to ride a dirt bike. The best trail head is Silver Lake though you can’t camp overnight here. There are 4 main trailheads being Springhill, Silver Lake, North Oak and Vinzant and the entire system is designed for OHV vehicles. It’s closest to Port Charlotte and the closest town is Punta Gorda.

5. Peace River Campground

Peace River is the perfect spot for families. If your significant other hasn’t been too happy with your choice of dirt biking around the state, then a trip here will just about convince her. After all, there is just so much more to do than just ride dirt bikes and the campground can accommodate huge RVs and toy haulers. Take the kids here and they won’t want to leave!

6. Tates Hell OHV Trail System

Tates Hell is very popular and it’s near Carabelle and Tallahassee. You’ll find a mix of old forest roads which are hard-packed with some loose sections to keep you awake. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself seeing triple digits on the speedometer. You can camp overnight here though there aren’t any showers.

7. 74MX and Offroad

For a good combination of motocross tracks and wooded trails, 74MX is where it’s at on a Saturday morning. You can pay the day rate or become a member. Riding only available on weekends with most people arriving late Friday afternoon to setup camp. This place isn’t big and most people actually just do a day-trip.

8. Ocala National Forest and Trail System

With several interconnecting loops, you can get lost for hours at Ocala (in a good way) as you explore the national forests. Both ATV’s and dirt bikes are welcome here and you can stay overnight at Delancy West Campground which has direct trail access.

9. Croom Motorcycle Area

Croom is popular for locals and the sandy tracks will keep your front end twitch. This is also known as Withlacoochee State Forest and you’ll find numerous single trails and a PeeWee Track for the kids to improve their skills. Most people just do a day trip here though if you wish to stay overnight, aim for Buttgenbach Mine Campground which has more than 50 sites with hot showers.

10. Gatorback Cycle Park

Gatorback is a motocross facility but there are good spots to practice riding a dirt bike. If you’re a beginner then this is an area we would recommend for a day trip. It’s not far from Gainesville and they run racing competitions here often. No camping unfortunately but plenty of accommodation options nearby.

11. Florida Cracker Ranch

Florida Cracker Ranch is near Bunnell and Daytona where you’ll find some epic private trails to explore. No OHV Permit needed here as it’s a private park and is popular with buggies and ATV’s as well as dirt bikes. When you’re done riding for the day, hang out by one of the mud bogs or swamps for some free entertainment. This operates on a membership system with limited intakes, so it’s best to get in quick and their camping facilities are quite reasonable.

12. Hardrock Cycle Park

Hardrock has motocross tracks as well as some short trails and epic hill climbs. Most motocross tracks are short yet this one is almost 2 miles which is interesting to ride and takes a while to finish. Most riders stay here overnight and the facilities are quite clean with space for toy haulers and RVs.

13. Redneck Mud Park

Redneck Mud Park certainly draws an interesting crowd or even further, the contraptions they bring. You’ll find some very intersting homemade machines and it’s worth coming along just to spectate. Unfortunately, you can’t bring the dirt bike but ATVs are allowed.

14. Hog Waller Mud Bog and ATV Park

Hot Waller isn’t open every weekend so it’s best to check ahead of time. To segregate dirt bikes from 4x4s, they alternate the weekends. They prefer that you text them before heading in especially as the cell phone signal is a little week. Grab some buddies together and stay overnight.

15. Clear Creek OHV Trails

Clear Creek has more than 50 miles of wooded trails and they are marked for gradients. If you’re looking for a motocross track that’s available for free public use, then you’ll find this here too. Unlike most other places, they open this place on Friday to Sunday from 9am to 4pm. It also gets wuite busy too. For overnight camping, we can recommend Blackwater River State Park.

Getting Started

There we have it! Clearly Florida has some epic riding areas with people coming from all over Miami, Tampa, Orlando and Jacksonville to explore these tracks. Most of them are suitable for day-tripping though you might want to stay overnight. Keep in midn that they usually get busy on weekends.

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