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Graham Jarvis – The Enduro Rider with Balls of Steel

Graham Jarvis is one of the toughest riders out there in the world of hard enduro, and one that has earned him the reputation.

Keen to find out more about the epic stuntwork of this man? Read on.

Graham Jarvis

Graham essentially grew up behind the handlebars, having ridden motocross extensively as a child. By his teenage years, he was on the technical tracks and balancing through some tough terrain. By the age of 10, he had won his first trials event.

In fact, he was featured on a TV Show called Junior Kickstart and has competed in the gnarly Erzberg Rodeo which he has won a record 5 times now.

He lives in Ripon in North Yorkshire, England and has adopted the nickname ‘GforceJarvis’ for his incredible skills.

Extreme Enduro

You may be wondering what Extreme Enduro actually is. Well, take enduro racing and make it even harder. Like, gnarly hard with more rocks and obstacles than you can imagine. These man-made courses include lots of barriers and mud which slow riders up.

The goal here isn’t to go for outright speed. That’s what the Dakar and MX riders do. Instead, the focus is on skill, short bursts of power and incredible bravery. That’s exactly what Graham Jarvis has adopted.

He says that you need to have a certain mentality to get involved in a sport like this. Sure – people can ride a dirt bike around the countryside, but can they really ‘ride’ the bike.

Personal Life

Graham Jarvis isn’t married as he remains committed to his career riding in hard enduro events. Even today he continues riding for the Husqvarna Factory Team on his 300TE which has mild modifications.

This is one rider who has won his fairshare of competitions and isn’t slowing down. All props to someone pushing through the barriers while the world simply spectates!

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