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6 Best Dirt Bike Trails in Maine To Explore Now (2023)

Maine has some great dirt bike tracks begging to be ridden, with Portland, Lewiston and Bangor areas being close to the city.

In our opinion, it’s best to experience life behind the handlebars with the hum of a 4-stroke between the legs. So many people in North America miss out on this experience in leui for a life behind the computer screen.

Best Maine Dirt Bike Riding Trails

With this guide, consider us to have done the hard work for you. These dirt bike trails throughout Maine have been vetted for the enduro and adventure seekers among us.

We’ve omited MX clubs and motocross tracks because, while racing is great, you’re probably wanting a free-range area. The type of place where you can explore with your front wheel guiding you in every direction.

Therefore, these Maine dirt bike tracks are the most popular:

1. Katahdin Lodge

The most popular area to ride dirt bikes is Katahdin Lodge as there are hundreds of miles here to explore. You’ll be riding through incredible forests and dirt roads with the occasional creek crossing and waterfall to see along the way. Expect to see Moose and Deer here and the occasional ber too. It’s best to stay overnight and Katahdin is open year-round unlike most other spots.

2. Moose Alley Riders ATV Trails

Moose Alley is fantastic and there are more than 100 miles of dirt bike trails that you can explore. People haul their gear from all over Maine to explore this spot and the area is open during Summer and Fall. No camping available at this stage though you can see most of this area in a day-trip pretty easily.

3. Natures Wilderness Resort

THis is a resort where the whole family can have some serious fun. Leave the kids and the wife back at camp and head out to explore the woods on your dirt bike through miles of forest trails. The terrain can be rugged and gnarly so it’s best to be ridden with others who can help you through some of these obstacles. Back at the resort you can hire a boat or kayak and enjoy some fresh food from the general store or restaurant. This is the ultimate dirt bike glamping experience!

4. Rocky Mountain Terrain Park

There isn’t that much at Rocky Mountain to get excited over…unless you love the gnarly stuff! Plus the kids will get a blast because they have a PeeWee track which is perfect to help them develop their dirt bike riding skills over time. There may be a motocross track opening here soon but until then, the enduro trails are worth exploring and you can choose to do a day-trip or camp overnight.

5. Dixmont Trails

At Dixmont you’ll find about 20 miles of great tracks to explore. This spot is popular with dual-sport riders as the terrain is relatively flat all the way through with some excellent stealth camping opportunities. If you want to work on your sand riding skills then this is a great place as the sand pits add some challenge to your day.

6. Mount Agamenticus

While not the best, Mount Agamenticus is great for those looking for a quick ride through the wilderness on 2 wheels. This spot is popular with ATV riders as well as those on horse back and mountain bikes, so keep this in mind. To get here, aim for the Cedar Trailhead.

Getting Started

There you have it! Some pretty epic spots in Maine to go exploring on your dirt bike. For some of these areas you’ll need registration but for others, they reside on private property where you can bring an unregistered MX bike for some serious thrills.

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