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12 Best Idaho Dirt Bike Trails Worth Exploring (2023)

Idaho has some great trails for dirt bikes to explore, some of which aren’t too far from Boise, Meridian or Nampa.

These are typically the places where you’ll want to camp overnight with some buddies. Bring the tent, beers and some tunes…and make a great weekend away.

Best Dirt Bike Trails Idaho

Here at Frontaer, we’ve spent hours doing all the research so you don’t have to. After all, you want a guide that helps you spend more time outdoors and less time behind the screen.

We wanted to create a guide for those who love to explore the wilderness. While MX clubs and closed-circuit racing is a lot of fun, we wanted to create something that was less motocross and more enduro/adventure. The sound of a 4-stroke and revving up in the higher gears are waiting for you out there.

Fortunately, the State of Idaho does support offroad enthusiasts by opening up trails and state forests. Keep in mind that on government land (i.e. state forests) you’ll need to have a current Idaho OHV sticker clearly displayed for the Ranger to check, otherwise fines are likely.

The most popular Idaho dirt bike trails are:

1. South Hills, Idaho

Located in Southern Idaho, South Hills has more than 50 miles of trails and is rated quite highly by locals and those out of state. You’ll find some really rugged terrain and gnarly trails worth exploring, then you’ll come across forest trails and secluded swimming spots too. Essentially, it’s everything you could hope for and our best pick for a quality riding area in Idaho.

This is one of those places that you’d be best camping overnight with your dirt bikes at the campground. There are numerous options where some and paid and others are free. Get there early especially late on Friday as it gets busier on weekends and around national holidays.

2. Baumgartner Trails

The baumgartner Trails are apart of the Sawtooth National Forest which itself offers hundreds of miles of epic riding spots. Expect to take 2 to 3 days to really see everything that’s on offer here. For first-timers, aim to head for the Keelly Flat Staging Area or if you’re camping overnight, the Gaumgartner Campground is well regarded by Idaho dirt bike riders as the place to be.

Bring some buddies along to experience everything here and for safety reasons too. There are some steep spots where you may need some assistance to get up, but you’ll be rewarded along he way with thermal pools to cool off from a hot day of riding along the tracks.

3. Saint Anthony Sand Dunes

Over in East Idaho is the Saint Anthony Sand Dunes. This place is simply epic with more than 10,000 acres to explore. There are some dunes which go past 300 feet in height where riders battle it out to see who can hang on and climb to the top, with the footage generally finding its way on to YouTube pretty soon.

It’s best to have some spotters on the top of the dunes if you’re jumping or trying any tricks. Then again, the space is HUGE and riders really do spread themselves out. Note: Sand riding isn’t for beginners and it takes a lot of throttle and confidence to keep the bike upright and gliding across the sand safely. There are some campgrounds nearby at the perimeter with RV sites too.

4. Musselshell OHV Area

Clearwater National Forest has its own OHV trail which takes you deep into stunning forest scenery. Expect to see some wildlife in here and it’s best to pack the bear spray just in case. Unfortunately, this trail is only open to dirt bikes (and all other forest users) for a short period each year due to cold weather, hunting season and bear sightings. Generally speaking, it’s July through to September but it’s worth checking witht the local Ranger station.

5. Canfield Mountain Trail System

Canfield isn’t the longest so it’s best for those looking to do a day-trip instead of camping overnight. The track is well marked and graded for difficulty. When you’re done then head over to Lake Pend Oreille to have a swim and soothe those sore bones. Better yet – pack the fishing gear and grab some fresh dinner while you recount the thrills and spills of the days’ adventures.

6. Greenhorn (Sawtooth National Forest)

Yet another great spot within Sawtooth is Greenhorn. This is the dream for the single track enthusiast looking for some easy riding opportunities. Most loved by beginners given how easy this place flows, it gets quite busy on weekends so it’s best to get out there early.

It’s free to camp overnight and we recommend staying at least one night to really see everything. To check if Greenhorn is open, get in touch with Ketchum Ranger District. The tracks are usually available during Summer and Fall though they can vary.

7. Casino Creek

Looking for pure single track? Then you’ll find it at Casino Creek. Again, this is within Sawtooth National Forest and the tracks here are quite hard packed which is great for those who just hate the mud. Some spots are better suited for the experiencced riders among us yet for the most part, beginners can tackle Casino Creek just fine.

Most dirt bike riders choose Casino Creek Campground to stay overnight which is right on the edge of the Salmon River. There are almost 20 sites but no toilets or showers unfortunately. Get in touch with the Stanley Ranger District for more information before heading there as the opening days do vary season to season.

8. Danskin Mountains OHV Area

Danskin is huge and if you haven’t been here before, then you’re in for a shock! There are just so many trails that you can be wandering for days on end. Most of these tracks are pretty easy to get through and much of thoem are for motorcycles only and ATV’s aren’t permitted.

If you’ve over the forested areas which limit your top speed choices, then get over to Danskin. With no trees around and long sweeping sections, you’ll be able to cruise and enjoy the ride instead of looking out for the next widow maker. You might actually see triple digits on the speedometer! There are several designated campgrounds here and trust us, you’ll want to stay overnight otherwise you’ll miss out on a lot.

9. Indian Creek

This is pretty remote and rugged country that’s certainly worth exploring. There are miles of single track for dirt bikes and some areas for ATV’s to head out on. Pack a working GPS because it’s pretty easy to get lost out here and you should aim to camp overnight to really see everything that Indian Creek has to offer.

10. Independence Creek Trail System

Over in Hayden, ID is the Independence Creek Trail System which is inside of Coeur d’Alene National Forest. It’s 1st or 2nd gear for much of the way and you’ll sometimes see 3rd. These trails are generally opened April through to September. If you’re up for it, then you can wash off the sweat and mud in oen of the numerous streams but the water will be certainly a bit cold.

11. Magruder Road Corridor

There are more than 100 miles of excellent mountain tracks ready to explore throughout this history trail. This traverses the Nez Perce and CLearwater National Forests and with an Idaho ORV sticker displayed, you can certainly bring your dirt bike here. Adventure riding by the dual-sport motorcycle crowd is popular as the tracks are quite tame.

This is yet another place that you’d want to camp overnight because you just won’t see everything otherwise. Pack the tent, extra gas cans and some fire starts. One of the biggest downsides is the short season as it snows here for much of the year.

12. Pioneer Mountains

Out towards Bellevue is where you’ll find the Pioneer Mountains and Sawtooth National Forest. There is one trail that is quite challenging and not for the faint-hearted. You can camp overnight at Cooper Creek Campground with 8 campsites available to use which are free. In fact, it’s free to ride here too provided you have an Idaho ORV pass.

Getting Started

There you have it Idaho! Some of these spots aren’t too far from Boise so you can be out there riding in next to no time. Need some fellow riders to experience these tracks? Get inside of the dirt bike riders group of Idaho who welcome beginners all the time with organized group rides into some of these epic destinations.

Remember that bears and other wildlife do use these tracks. As such, you’ll want to be mindful and don’t stick to one area for too long. Wear all your protection gear too as you’re often pretty far from the closest hospital.

Above all else, get out there and explore these dirt bike trails! Life is too short otherwise.

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