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6 Best Dirt Bike Trails near Toronto and Ottawa, Ontario (2023)

Toronto and Ottawa both have a developing dirt bike riding community, and fortunately there are some great trails to explore.

The type of trails that the Government of Ontario approves riding. Essentially, these spots are legal and often free provided you have a licence and registration on your motorcycle.

Best Dirt Bike Tracks Ontario

In creating this guide, Frontaer looked for hours as to where riders were spending their weekends. We did this work to save you the time and effort so you could get straight out there and explore yourself. Whether you’re using a trailer or are the type to ride straight in (hello there dual-sport and adventure riders!), you won’t be disappointed with this list.

These are currently the most popular dirt bike trails in Ontario:

1. Voyageur Multi-Use Trail Sytem

Everyone knows Voyageur and it’s near Mattawa. There are various loops and the terrain has open country and forested tracks paired with some gnarly hill climbs. Diversity galore and for the beginner, this is certainly recommended yet those with a few years riding experience won’t be left disappointed. People drive from across the border actually to ride here so you won’t just be sharing it with locals. Note: This spot gets busy on weekends.

2. Ganaraska Forest Dirt Bike Trails

Head northest from Toronto and you’ll come across Newcastle and the Ganaraska Forest. You may want to bring an extra gas can or two because there is more than 200 miles in which to explore through forests and open country. The best riding conditions are the summer months but avoid the region after recent rainfall as it can be quite muddy.

3. Northumberland County Forest

While not as big as Ganaraska, Northumberland is still worth the visit. You’ll find this trail system near Cobourg and the area is looked after very well by the Northumberland Trail Riders Club. This spot is also used by 4×4 enthusiasts so it’s best to slow down on blind corners.

4. Burnt River Dirt Bike Park

For the motocross rider, this one is quite popular and very close to Toronto, Mississauga and Hamilton,. You can choose the motocross park or let yourself loose on the 13km trail system. For those helping their children to develop skills on 2-wheels, the PeeWee track is very popular and has some good jumps and easy corners with mild whoop sections.

5. Erie Ramblers

Yes, this is a motocross track but a very natural one. It’s southwest of Wheatley and near Detroit. Unfortunately, this spot is only open to riders during summer and slightly into September due to the cold weather and lack of numbers, but worth checking out if you’re tired of the crowds at other areas.

6. GoPHER Dunes

While yes, this is a motocross track in parts but you’ll love the 26km of groomed trails ready to explore. It’s really flat out here so you won’t have to deal with frustrating hill climbs and descents. You’ll be struggling to get lost out here too because everything is clearly marked. If you prefer the sand and mud over the gnarly rocks, then head to GoPHER this weekend!

Get Yourself Going

We’re tired of seeing armchair riders in the dirt biking community. Those that spend more time reading and watching instead of being out there and developing their skills. Unless you’re recovering from injury, make the most of this guide and get out there yourself!

If you’re struggling to find others to ride with, then head into the Toronto Facebook group. Inside you’ll find other likeminded people who welcome beginners. They also organize camping trips and some week-long expeditions into other riding areas of Canada. Well worth it!

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