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9 Best Dirt Bike Trails in Oregon Worth Riding Now (2023)

Oregon is one of the best places to own a dirt bike with many tracks open to the public, with free and paid areas available.

So instead of binge-watching yet another YouTube video, it’s time to get out there and explore the wilderness! Life is just too short and staring at your pride and joy in the garage which is begging to be ridden is…well…frustrating.

Oregon’s Best Dirt Bike Riding Tracks

Just like you, we love to get out there and explore the entire state. Fortunately, the Oregon State Government really encourages dirt bike riding as it keeps the economy flowing. Whether you’re in Portland, Salem, Bend or Eugene, you’ll certainly find places to explore on your dirt bike.

Many people from out of state do come in during the warmer months to explore the region too. There is just so much that it offers! As they bring in their motorcycles and camping gear, they bring in their dollars too!

Thus, you’re lucky to find numerous places worth exploring. We’ve created this list based on our own research and ensured that even dual-sport and adventure motorcyclists can make it through.

These are Oregon’s best dirt bike riding trails:

1. Browns Camp OHV Area (Inside Tillamook State Forest)

Tillamook State Forest has some world-class riding tracks to explore. Our favorite is Browns Camp OHV Area which is great for amateurs to OHV riding. You can leave everything at the campground and staging area before embarking on an adventure through this beautiful area that’s just begging to be explored on 2 wheels.

2. Diamond Mill OHV Area

For a truly well-rounded experience, Diamind Mill is what you’re chasing. Let’s not forget the swimming holes to wash away the dirt (and *that* smell) from an epic day behind the handlebars. You’ll love the rutted areas as much as the open savannah. Bring the kids and make it a family escape!

3. John’s Peak OHV Area

If you want massive, then head to John’s Peak! It’s in Jacksonville and offers more than 16,000 acres of epic motorcycle loops for everyone. Whether this is your first-time riding or you’re an experienced enduro or MX rider, you’ll love riding here! Given the size, it doesn’t really matter if it gets busy because you’ll only come across another rider every hour or so.

4. Hood River County OHV Trails

With almost 65 miles of trails to explore which are rated/graded for difficulty, you can’t go past the Hood River riding area in Oregon. Loved by dirt bike and ATV riders for decades, you can explore this region in the summer months. Keep in mind that there could be a high fire danger which forces the place closed. Always check before hauling.

5. Jordan Creek in Tillamook, Oregon

Those who love the technical trails – rejoin! Jordan Creek is for you if you have a couple of seasons under your belt. Definitely experienced riders only and we recommend going in a group instead of doing it solo. You won’t be disappointed and there is several spots where you can stop for a refreshing swim when the body has had enough.

6. Mcgrew Trail

This is a National Forest but given how remote it is, you’ll need a special permit to explore the region. It’s a free-flowing open savannah area so not the most scenic, but great to find yourself in the higher gears with the throttle opened. Best to bring some safety essentials like a GPS, satellite phone and let a friend know where you are.

7. Prospect OHV Trail System

You couldn’t create a list of the best dirt bike spots in Oregon without mentioning the Prospect OHV Trail System. There is no coincidence that we’ve make this lucky #7 on the list. This place is excellent for those who love to ride in the woods. There are creek crossings plus great places to go camping too, with many miles to explore. Be mindful of the bears.

8. Upper Nestucca Motorcycle Trail System

Head over to Willamina where you’ll find some really mountainous terrain. It’s perfect for trail bike riding by enduro or motocross riders, with some dual-sport riders looking at the stealth camping potential. Keep an eye out for the wonderful waterfalls that you might encounter on your trip.

9. Winchester Trails

Winchester used to be a great spot in Oregon to bring a dirt bike but its maintenance hasn’t really been kept up. That said – you’ll still find some great single track options and ATV’s may be welcomed here too. Mountain bike riders also use these tracks so keep this in mind.

Getting Started

There you have it! Some very good riding areas out there for those who don’t want to use the typical MX riding clubs. That said, Portland has some clubs where you can hone in on your skills during the week and then let loose on weekends.

If you do head to one of these riding spots then pack the camping gear too. Oregon lends itself to camping adventures with your toys in tow. Just keep in mind that bears and other wildlife do frequent the woods, though they are scared by the sound of a revving 4-stroke in many cases.

Always call head before hauling your dirt bikes. Some of these spots can be closed due to high fire dangers or snow fall, especially in the Cascade Range.

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