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Osah Motorcycle Luggage Review: Are They Any Good?

Have you seen the new Osah Motorcycle luggage systems? They not only look great but seem very affordable too.

The question is though: Are they worth buying? In this review, we decided to take a closer look at these bags.

Osah Motorcycle Luggage Review

Osah isn’t an older brand with established links around the world. Instead, they are newcomers to the world of adventure motorcycling only having been around for a few years now.

This brand makes dry packs for riders, as well as campers and those who love fishing. That said – their main market is adventure riders like us who need a dry place to stash their riding gear, both when riding or at camp for the night.

It’s clear that they use a no-frills design yet can certainly hold up against the elements. Yet with strong straps that actually hold down properly. These actually come with 4 straps which you don’t have to buy separately.

There is a range of bags on offer in assorted colors so we decided to buy some to rate personally. You’ll find 100% dust-proof and waterproof (IP66) designs which are clearly built tough for our demanding conditions. Most of their products are manufactured with 500d PVC materials.

From our experience with river crossings, the Osah Bags only leaked mildly when completely submerged. The 2.5-foot water crossing was a little beyond our limitations and over the bike went!

Best Parts

We really do love the build quality here. It’s clear that this company has actually ridden a bike before and understands what is expected on there in the open country.

Compare this to the cheap offerings on eBay and Amazon, and it’s clear to see who’s bringing value to the table. The bags feel very hard to tear and included are tie-down straps and hook points so the bags stick to your bike, even at 70 miles per hour.

The zippers are strong and the bags open up pretty side. This is helpful when wanting to pack in a rain jacket or even pack away the tent in the morning. When you’re not riding, you can use the bag for other applications such as sports and beach days.

Lastly – the best part about Osah bags is the pricing. This is why we praise this brand in our review. It’s clear they’re delivering some significant value to the end user…compared to say the $500+ bags we often see in the adventure motorcycling space.

Final thoughts

After a few weeks with the Osah Drypak Bags (we bought 3), it’s clear that they have built a great quality product at an affordable price. Is it the best bag out there? Certainly not, and it doesn’t pretend to be, but there’s very little letting it down – other than say a reputable brand name created before the Long Way boom.

While they are Made in China, it appears the company really does understand the needs of adventure riders globally instead of attempting to make a quick buck or three.

If you’re on a budget yet still need a decent bag for the next few years, this is one bag we can highly recommend.

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