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Rotopax vs Fuelpax: What Is The Difference?

There are two well-known adventure motorcycle fuel jerry cans, with much debate on the difference between Fuelpax and Rotopax.

Well, it’s time to settle that debate today and look at the true differences here.

Rotopax is a superior product to Fuelpax due to thicker construction and a roto-moulded design. Compare this to Fuelpax which is simply blow moulded and it’s clear that the former will last for longer and is more likely to remain puncture-free in the event of an accident. Another key difference is the warranty length, with Rotopax offering 10 years while Fuelpax offers 5.

It’s clear that there is a clear winner and one follow up in the competition to manufacture the world’s most reliable adventure fuel can.

Rotopax vs Fuelpax

When you’re buying a product that is expected to last many years and take you around the state, around the country or even around the world, it’s wise to do your research. There is a good debate going on as to what is the better of these two auxiliary fuel tanks.

Rotopax vs Fuelpax

In our experience, you’re simply better off with a premium fuel tank in most cases. Avoid the cheap Chinese junk that you’ll find on eBay and the like, and invest in a good quality piece of gear.

And for that reason alone, both Rotopax and Fuelpax won’t really let you down out there on the trails. These are both quality products, and even if you buy the more inferior of the two, it will still hold up very well on bumpy roads. Plus – you’ll be paying slightly less (generally 30% cheaper) for what is still an excellent product.

Fuel Can Comparison Table

When you compare these two products, there are simply these factors to consider:

  • Wall thickness. Rotopax has created a thicker wall to greatly reduce the risk of punctures when crashing on the gravel roads at high speeds.
  • Pricing. Fuelpax is a cheaper product but it does the job very well. If you’re on a budget, go with the Fuelpax as you still won’t be disappointed.
  • Warranty. Most of the cheaper fuel cans you see online aren’t going to last more than a few years and thus they give short warranties. Luckily, Fuelpax and Rotopax give reasonable warranties of 5 and 10 years respectively. We’d argue that very few customers would genuinely need to take them up on these offers.
  • Accessories. Each has separate sprouts which come in handy especially if you won’t want to use the no-spill spouts or even get a quick flow attachment.
  • Sizing. Are they available in a range of sizes for various motorcycle panniers, saddlebags and hard luggage setups? Yep, in both gallons and litres.
  • Mounts. Can you mount these? Certainly! (It’s why they made ’em).
  • Stackable. Can you stack each model on top of each other? You certainly can!
  • Leak-Proof. Probably the most important consideration, right? In this case – both are certainly going to keep your panniers and side of your motorcycle dry, even on the roughest of roads.
  • Made in USA. This is very important to protect local industries, with both being manufactured in North America.

Either way – you’ll find both offering some great features and benefits for all types of adventure riders.

In Summary

Avoid the cheap stuff you find online and use only a genuine product that can go the distance. Both Rotopax and Fuelpax have carved out a niche in the industry to almost exclusively serve adventure riders globally.

You’ll find them in stores across North America, as well as the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and even South Africa. If you can afford it – go for the Rotopax – otherwise the Fuelpax will serve just fine.

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