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RevZilla Unbiased Review: Are They Any Good?

Have you ever purchased from RevZilla? We recently bought some gear and wanted to share our unbiased review.

After all, you want to know if they’re worth buying from online or if there are cheaper alternatives available. If you search around, you’ll generally find discounts and coupons that will save you some dollars at checkout.

We don’t have a commercial relationship with RevZilla and don’t get paid anything. Thus, our reviews are unbiased as they come.

RevZilla Review

Have you been on RevZilla’s YouTube channel? It’s a complete guide motorcycling including what gear to buy and how to get started. For the experienced rider, there is plenty of content to help you get a better grasp of what product suits you best.

If you’re new to motorcycling, then RevZilla is the #1 place online to buy gear for your motorcycle. That includes parts and accessories, with just about every brand listed online…except (so far) for Frontaer. 😉

The company has a cult-like following for the 2-wheel crowd and looks after their customers very well. This is why you’ll typically see 5-star reviews online for RevZilla and it’s one company that has earned their reputation in the motorcycling world, based on enthusiastic riders aiming to make a difference.

What They’re Doing Well

One of the best things that RevZilla has going for themselves is their content generation. They’ll show you how to get started and the right type of gear for you. Similar to the advice you’d get from a typical dealership, this company just brings it to a whole new level.

RevZilla is a company who clearly strives to help customers have an excellent experience. This is why there is so much effort placed on crafting the perfect video and a highly optimized website.

That doesn’t end there, as you’re about to ask instant questions through their website. You’ll get a real person who knows the industry and can help you in the right direction.

Once you order, you’re regularly updated with shipping information and they use premium carriers to ensure your gear is delivered securely to your door. You’ll sometimes get some goodies such as stickers which are popular with th ekids.

Chances are you’ll get some emails from them in the future, yet they don’t blast your inbox with offers of little relevance. They generally learn what type of rider you are and deliver the right content to your inbox.

What Could Improve

Given their size and amount of staff on hand, the prices in RevZilla aren’t always the cheapest. This is why it pays to shop around. Then again, can you wait an extra few days to receive your goods from another marketplace? Probably not.

RevZilla has also become quite large that they cater for so many different styles of motorcycling. This means that they may have to find a particular staff who knows the answer to your particular problem. One of those cases of being too broad and not focused. If you’re an adventure rider, for instance, you’ll find a few online merchants who are fellow riders and know exactly what to advise at any given time.

Yet all in all, RevZilla still provides a stellar service and has the biggest range of motorcycling gear available in North America. While complete rivals to Amazon, it’s evident that you’ll get your gear and have the back up knowledge that they are truly guys behind 2-wheels.

In Summary

Will we continue ordering from RevZilla? Absolutely. Can we get better prices elsewhere? Sometimes, though the biggest range of gear is within RevZilla.

We look forward to the future where Frontaer is included in their adventure motorcycling lineup.

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