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FortNine Canada Review: Are They Any Good?

Is FortNine any good? As a motorcycle store, they certainly seem to stock a lot of goods with riders purchasing plenty from them over recent months.

In this unbiased review, we’ll be providing our own thoughts about FortNine and whether you should be spending your hard-earned dollars with them.

Note: We have no commercial relationship with this company. Just like FortNine, we don’t get paid for online reviews.

Let’s begin.

FortNine Review

Have you shopped at FortNine before? Our experiences have been very good with packages delivered on time and constant follow-up via email.

As Canada’s leading motorcycle store, FortNine certainly stocks a great range of gear. Further still – they have recently launched their own range of motorcycling gear.

You’ll not only find gear for your motorcycle and dirt bike, but they also stock ATV and snowmobile gear. Clearly anyone who prefers the feeling of being behind the handlebars will enjoy what’s offered at this store.

What They’re Doing Well

Firstly – all the big brands are there…except for Frontaer. 😉

Chances are that you’ll find what you’re looking for in the store. Whether that’s luggage sets, accessories, luggage, mirrors or more.

In addition, their social media channels are excellent. We enjoy their YouTube channel and comedic twist. One thing you’ll find that’s rare in their product reviews is brutal honesty. If they come across an average-performing product, then the viewed certainly will know abou tit.

They have built their reputation on producing great content and helping the end user find what they’re looking for. This is why, when you search online, it’s not uncommon to come across their website…even if you live outside of Canada!

What Could Improve

To be honest…not much! Their free shipping bar has been lowered to $49 on most products. Their dirt biking range is extensive and you’ll find just about anything you need for the offroad enthusiast just like us.

Even adventure riders are taken care of with the range of Klim adventure touring jackets in store to keep you dry during those long and extended expeditions. The pricing isn’t always the cheapest but keep an eye out on their promotional emails with sale events.

We have found their text on their website a little harder to read but other than this…the reputation of Fort Nine is evident. They mean business.

Negative Reviews

Have you read negative reviews of FortNine? In the offroad motorcycling industry, it’s very difficult to keep everyone happen. Parcels get lost. Shipping gets delayed. Systems break.

This happens to every distributor, so keep in mind that 1-star reviews are more common while 5-star reviews are less likely to be found. People tend to only leave complaints much more than they leave praise.

Therefore, take these with a grain of salt. Fort Nine continues to improve their systems and reputation and for most people, the process from ordering to receiving and using is very straight forward.

In Summary

Will we continue to buy from FortNine? Sure. Do they always have the cheapest prices? Not quite. What they do have is a knowledable team and a very engaging YouTube channel which is rare in this industry.

If you’re looking for a company that lives and breathes motorcycling, then you’ve found the right place.

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