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Can You Ride A Dirt Bike to High School?

Riding a dirt bike to school…sounds great in theory, but is it actually possible? Well, the rules are quite clear:

If your dirt bike is registered, you have insurance and you hold a licence – then yes, you can ride a dirt bike to school. Some schools discourage students riding a motorcycle of any kind to school, but legally there isn’t much stopping you as long as you park off school grounds.

The school principals don’t like dirt bikes because of the anti-social behavior they bring. There have been instances of teenagers riding on school ovals which rips up the grass and you risk striking a child.

Riding a Dirt Bike to School

It probably isn’t the wisest idea to bring your dirt bike to high school or even college/university. Some reasons we would discourage it include:

  1. What if someone pushes over your dirt bike while you’re in class?
  2. What if it gets stolen? Do you have insurance to cover a replacement?
  3. What do you do when it’s raining? Riding wet clothes to school isn’t fun.
  4. How will the teachers and principal accept it? Usually it’s banned.

In fact, riding any sort of motorcycle to school isn’t a good idea and isn’t worth the risks involved as we’ve outlined above.

Alternative Options

What are some good alternative options that will still give you a thrill? Well – you could get an electric mountain bike with a 1,000+ Watt motor which will be a fun ride. Simply disconnect the battery and keep it in your schoolbag.

Another option is to simply leave dirt bike riding for the weekend rides only. It can be too much trouble trying to bring a dirt bike to school. You’ll be spending too much time worrying about it being damaged or stolen rather than the school work.

In Summary

While a novel idea, we wouldn’t recommend it. Leave it for the Instagram or Snapchat feed for weekend riding and after school muck-arounds. School is a place for learning and inspiration.

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