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5 Things To Ask Your Dirt Bike Dealer Today

So you’re looking to buy a new or used dirt bike? Your dealer could be a great talker and thus, here are some things you should ask them.

Because when you’re spending your hard-earned money, you’ll want to ensure you’re simply asking the right questions.

We recently published a guide for used ADV motorcycles and now let’s get into dirt bikes which are slightly different. Be sure to ask any dirt bike dealership these questions:

1. Is this the right offroad motorcycle for me?

Not all dirt bikes are created equal and you should be asking specific questions on whether this particular dirt bike will fit your needs as a rider. Are you riding tight technical tracks or wide-open savannah? Are you racing or simply going recreational? Do you need to have road-legal registration? There is a clear difference in throttle responses, bike weights and engine capacities.

2. Do they have a wide range of dirt bikes?

We generally discourage people from simply using a one-stop dealership unless they have their heart set on a particular color or manufacturer like KTM. Within each manufacturer, they have specific dirt bikes that may better suit you as a rider, though some have very strong similarities such as Yamaha and Honda’s dirt bike range.

3. What mechanical checks do they do on used bikes?

You can buy used dirt bikes at dealerships and so you should be asking about their comprehensive range of checks that they’ll do before selling you the bike. In some cases, it will actually come with a warranty though this will be limited and won’t cover accidental damage. Most dirt bikes today are actually very reliable and most problems are quick and cheap fixes anyway.

4. Do they also stock gear?

Chances are that this is your 1st dirt bike purchase. If so – congratulations and welcome to the world of offroad fun! Ask your dealership if they stock gear because you’ll need protection gear out there on the tracks. It isn’t just a helmet but boots, clothing, gloves and protection plates such as a neck brace. Expect this to cost you between $700 and $1,500 depending on the quality of workmanship you require from your gear.

5. Can you test-ride the dirt bikes?

Some motorcycle dealerships run test-ride days where you can try out some various dirt bikes and find that one that suits you the best. Others might actually have a short yet simple test track located behind their premises for potential customers to use. This is one of the best ways to pick a dirt bike yet most dealerships sadly don’t offer this, especially for riders who haven’t touched a clutch level for a while.

In Summary

Dirt bike riding is a heck of a lot of fun. If this is your first purchase, then we can highly recommend using a motorbike dealership over a private sale for peace of mind. Then again – you’ll want to throw them these questions either over the phone or simply when going in.

Also ask them for great local riding spots in the neighborhood which are legal. You should expect a dirt bike dealer of all people to know this bit of information…if they are indeed enthusiasts.

See you out there!

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