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Can I Ride My Dirt Bike in My Backyard?

So you’ve got a dirt bike and a backyard that’s big enough to ride, but small enough that you think you’re breaking the law.

It could be a grey area here and there are laws, regulations and legislation changes between states, territories and even countries. That said, Frontaer will give you a general guideline as it relates to riding at home.

Generally speaking, you’re allowed to ride your dirt bike during daylight hours in your backyard provided you aren’t causing excessive noise, dust or any other type of disturbance to your neighbors. While it’s perfect legally to ride an unregistered dirt bike on your own residential land, you can still be fined for causing a public disturbance through your actions.

There are also public liability issues to consider. For example, if you’re riding around and crash into the fence and injure your neighbor’s family pet, then you’re liable for all damages.

Backyard Dirt Bike Riding

We know it’s exciting to have a dirt bike but hauling it to a riding area takes work. Sometimes you just want to twist that throttle for 20 minutes to let some steam out.

You’re allowed to ride any type of motorcycle on your own private property. This includes motocross, trials, pit bikes, ATVs and anything else you might want to ride. Where the problems arise is your neighbors.

They may not share the same enthusiasm as you. That thumping engine and epic wheelies might look cool, but they might just see this as wreckless behavor. Our advice is to get them on your side right away.

Making the Neighbors Say Yes

The biggest show-stopper to you having the freedom to ride in your own backyard isn’t the government. They’ll happily let you do it because you’re paying taxes and the like. It’s your own property there. It’s the neighbors.

If you want them on your side, this is what we recommend:

  1. Speak to them first. Go and talk with all your neighbours within 200 yards of your home. This lets them know that you’re genuine yet friendly, and are considering their needs as well as your own.
  2. Set out specific riding times. Don’t simply start riding at 7am on a Sunday morning or tearing up the backyard at 9:30pm at night. That ain’t cool and you give responsible dirt bike riders a bad name. You should tell your neighbors about a specific time that you’ll be riding, such as 10am to 2pm. Do ask if any of them work nightshifts and some may be sleeping during the day.
  3. Keep the dust down. Don’t go out there riding if it’s a complete dust bowl. You should aim to ride a day or two after the rain. This way the ground is still moist yet isn’t a complete bog hole. After the noise issue, dust is the most common reason why you’ll get complaints.
  4. Don’t do revving competitions. This isn’t a place to show off. That noise is tough for most neighbors to handle, so don’t go revving hard just to show off. Keep the revs in low to mid-range and you won’t catch the attention of the neighbors.
  5. Time it for when they go out. If you see your neighbors cars away, then that’s the perfect time to go riding. They can’t complain to you and they’ll come home to a quiet home once you’re done.

Closing thoughts

Like we say – get the neighbors on your side and you’ll be set for life. That said, consider heading to a proper area to go riding. You’ll probably get bored of riding your dirt bike at home after a while, even if you have a few acres. So much more land out there to explore!

We can recommend that if you do want to ride in the backyard and this will become a frequent activity, that you actually buy yourself an electric dirt bike. They are not just significantly quieter, but their service intervals are much longer and they throttle response is unbelievable.

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