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4 Best North Dakota Dirt Bike Trails for Epic Riding (2023)

You don’t need to leave North Dakota to find decent trails to ride your dirt bike, with some being close to Fargo and Bismarck.

This means that you don’t really need to go out of state to experience some basic thrills and spills. Then again, people often do head nearby to other states which offer more places in which to ride.

North Dakota Dirt Bike Trails

It wasn’t easy putting this list together. Frontaer’s team had to look up internet forums, national forest registries and Facebook groups. We wanted to bring you some places that weren’t necessary MX clubs or tracks, given that we serve the enduro community more than anything.

To ride anywhere with an offroad vehicle in the state, you’ll need a North Dakota OHV Sticker. These are available for both those living in the state and visitors too and you can apply for one online which saves you a ton of time.

It appears that most people in North Dakota ride their dirt bikes on these trails:

1. Pembina Gorge State Recreational Area

You can bring dirt bikes into the Pembina Gorge State Recreational Area and there are more than 30 miles of trails to explore. The surface is quite smooth and flat so you’ll be using the higher gears as you cruise through this region on 2-wheels.

2. Turtle Mountain State Recreation Area

With 12 miles to explore with a trail exclusively set aside for kids, this place is good for some basic fun. Most people do a day-trip here especially as it isn’t too far from anywhere. It’s really open country and beginners will have an easy time riding here though there are some hills for the more experienced riders.

3. Kimball Bottoms OHV Area

With more than 400 acres in which to play, Kimball Bottoms is good for a Saturday afternoon. It’s a sandy track and the place is located on the water’s edge. Most riders use this spot for a weekend of riding, fishing, swimming and drinking…sometimes until the wee hours of the monring. Keep an eye out for other users especially on weekends as the area is frequented by 4×4 enthusiasts.

4. Roughrider OHV Trail

Most people in North Dakota have heard of Roughrider OHV Trail as it sits along the side of the Missouri River. The track is gravel for the most part and it’s a mixture of single and double track. If you want to stay overnight then we recommend the FOrt Rice Campground. You’ll also need a North Dakota Trail Access Permit which is different than the OHV Sticker.

Starting Today

It’s time to get out there and start riding. Too many dirt bike riders spend way too much time binge-watching others on YouTube when they themselves could be out there riding.

Life is just much more fun when it’s us behind the handlebars. Get some buddies together, pack the camping gear and get out there! There are tracks right in our own state that are begging to be explored. Yet if you want to go south, then there are certainly some more places worth exploring.

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