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Rosie Gabrielle – Who Is She on YouTube?

Rosie Gabrielle on YouTube has led many people to become curious about her age, religion, illness, husband and of course, her epic adventures on her motorcycle.

Frontaer is as equally obsessed. After all, her YouTube videos and Instagram profile are filled with captivating videos and photos. Certainly she’s drawn some serious attention, as well as some criticism too.

Let’s get a better understanding of who she is and what she’s doing out there on two wheels.

Rosie Gabrielle Adventure Rider

Go back 30 years ago and adventure riding was certainly in its infancy. Then come Ewan and Charlie whose original Long Way series made the industry absolutely boom!

Now we have all sorts of riders heading out for global expeditions. Did you know that there are several men who have circumnavigated by motorcycle more than once? It’s insane!

From here, we’ve had a rise in female adventure motorcycle. It’s both welcoming and refreshing to see more women enter this space and live life behind the handlebars.

Rosie Gabrielle happens to be one of these people. Her travels have taken her through some unique experiences through North America, Canada, South Africa, the Middle East and now into Pakistan. And now that our international borders are essentially open, we look forward to seeing her in Australia real soon!

It’s clear that her model-like looks and charm have captivated many hearts. Unlike most ‘chicks for clicks’ type of YouTubers, she’s more heart-warming and genuine, and someone that just feels real. So much so that it isn’t surprising to see almost 500,000 subscribers to her account.

History, Religion and Marital Status

Rosie Gabrielle is French-Canadian, and was born and raised in Canada. She’s currently single an is an independent adventure filmmaker. Her hobbies include travel by motorcycle, photography and telling stories through heart-felt connections and the raw side of seeing the world as a woman.

Rosie Gabrielle is married:

Rosie converted to Islam recently which raised the eyebrows of some of her viewers. Fortunately, many were receptive to this with many positive comments from westerners towards her identification as a muslim. This occured having spend around a year in Pakistan and falling in love with the country and its people. Following her conversion, she has received many marriage proposals yet remains as a solo adventurer.

Rossie Gabrielle went into the hospital for emergency bowel resectioning surgery including abdominal surgery. This happened during the early months of the COVID-19 outbreak. This has caused her motorcycle adventures to cease for now, but they will start again once she’s safe and sound.

Supporting Rosie Gabrielle

As Rosie now continues her ADV adventures through the world, she needs all the support she can get. One of the very best choices is to get into the world of motorcycling yourself. She’s there to inspire us, both women and men, to head out on our own adventures.

If you’re needing some assistance, then Frontaer wrote this helpful beginners guide: How to Get Started in Adventure Motorcycling. We’ve jam-packed it with important information including dangers and concerns, as well as how do it all solo.

In addition, Rosie has a Patreon page and also accepts PayPal through her email address. Likewise, check here for some dirt bike riding tips otherwise you might wind up with a collection of your own motorcycle crashes as she has. 🙂

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