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Seth Enslow: The Man with a Crazy Dream

If you’ve been in dirt biking long enough, then you’ll know Seth Enslow. Seth’s name is synonymous with dirt bike stunts, records and accidents.

Many have labelled him as a hard-to-beat man. Someone who gets knocked down and keeps going, again and again.

Seth’s relentless pursuit of excellence on a motorcycle in the ’90s and 2000s sadly has been lost on this generation. However, there is plenty that we can learn from the dude who inspired a generation.

Seth Enslow – Beyond Crazy

Growing up, Seth was always relentless. He wanted to do big jumps. HIs parents, unfortunately, weren’t well off so it wasn’t until high school that they could afford a bike for him where his racing dreams started.

With his spectacular performance on the track, he soon made the trek to California to chase his MX racing dreams. As another letdown, this didn’t eventuate. I sometimes wonder what types of records Seth would’ve made on the tracks around the world.

Seth Enslow - Beyond Crazy
Seth Enslow more did jumps just like this rider has

However, Seth’s eagerness to “go big or go home” continued and he was soon into freestyle stunts and joining the Crusty Demons. From then on, it was truly game on for his crazy dream of always striving for more.

He’s attempted and accomplished numerous world record jumping attempts across North America. Some of the most famous include the sand dune jump (and subsequent crash) plus the jump over the house. Let’s not forget the jump he did with a Harley Davidson in Sydney, Australia.

Biggest jump

By far the biggest jump that Seth Enslow has accomplished sits at 301 feet and 10 inches which he accomplished in 2008, while a ramp-to-ramp jump of 183.7 feet was accomplished in 2010. He wasn’t greatly injured with any of these students, however, if you know Seth, you knew he could take a lot.

With many head scars and injuries, this is certainly a man who could handle a lot in the name of accomplishments. After all, that’s what the Crusty Demons is all about.

It’s unlikely today that Seth can beat his previous records based on his age. In fact, today he owns a tattoo parlor given the effects of motorcycle stuntwork on his body. But would we want to see him still jumping and doing stunt work? Absolutely. He inspired an era where dreams were possible on the track, not behind computer screens or TVs.

Seth Enslow Death

There are rumours circulating the internet and it’s time to lay out the facts:

Seth Enslow hasn’t died. However, a fatal accident occurred involving Seth which lead to the death of a police officer, not Seth Enslow. This was during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota in 2006.

Seth Enslow Death

Sgt. Tyler Mathews of Bradenton Police Department, unfortunately, passed away and was survived by his wife and four children. During that crash, Seth did suffer and broken leg and ankle but is still alive in 2020. To the best of my research, there has been no outcome given publicly as to the investigation. That is – we’re not sure if Seth was at fault or not. Regardless, we’re sure that he feels for the family of Sgt. Tyler Mathews.

In a nutshell

Seth is clearly one of the most enduring guys to ever hit two wheels. He’s just as crazy as those who even reach the start line of the Dakar Rally.

He’s pulled off some incredible stunt work over the years and has built a reputation. While he’s not looking to break any more records or bones anytime soon, he’s still riding on two wheels from time to time.

Here’s someone who has pushed the limits of what humans thought was possible. In a cotton-wool world, we’ve found someone who broke all the rules. Legend.

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