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6 Best Places to Ride a Dirt Bike near Cairns (2023)

If you’re looking for some great places to ride a dirt bike in Cairns, then Frontaer has you covered. We’ll share with you where to ride today.

You might not want to tackle Cape York just yet and instead just find local riding areas. You shouldn’t have to venture far to find some good spots.

In this guide, we’ll show you where to go. By the end of this, you shouldn’t need to ask “Where can I ride my offroad trail bike near Cairns” because we’ve done the work for you.

Cairns dirt bike riding areas

Before you set out and explore Cairns on your 4-stroke, we wanted to share some tips with you:

  • Always wear your protective gear, especially if you’re exploring solo.
  • Don’t take the risk of riding unregistered. Either get your bike registered or simply buy another one from Gumtree or one of Cairns numerous trail bike and adventure riding dealerships.
  • Rangers are trying to get some Cairns riding areas shut down because of hooligans. Don’t be one of them and be respectful for any area you enter.
  • Avoid private properties. This is a sure-fire way to upset local landowners.

So now let’s get into it. Here are the best dirt bike riding spots in Cairns:

1. Kuranda and Mobray National Park

Did you know that you’re permitted to ride dirt bikes in Kuranda and Mowbray National Parks? Trail bikes are permitted but the area is quite restricted without much fun to be hard. Pretty much it’s Black Mountain Road.

Kuranda National Park dirt bikes in Cairns

Stick to formed tracks and be weary of others using the track. Horse riders, mountain bikers and hikers are quite common especially in the tourist months.

2. Cairns Recreational Offroad Club

Head over to Miriwinni for 100 acres of great offroad tracks. You can ride an unregistered dirt bike here and this place isn’t too far from Cairns CBD.

These guys are very family orientated and kids are welcome. The tracks are a mixture of open MX, tight enduro and technical hill sections. Pretty much something for everyone!

Also, as they operate as a non-for-profit, you need to show your utmost respect. Some riders have been banned from here for disrespectful behaviour which simply isn’t on. Wear your gear, look out for riders (especially children) and clean up after yourself.

This is a mighty fine spot for a day-trip. Load up the trailer and go!

3. Herberton Range National Park

Head 90 minutes of out Cairns and you’ll come across Herberton Range. This is a good spot to ride registered dirt bikes and tours are often running through this area.

Herberton Range National Park Cairns dirt bike riding spot

Keep in mind that not all spots within Herberton Range can you ride a dirt bike. There are purely walking-only tracks as well as tracks for horses too.

If you do come across a horse rider, then simply stop and let them pass you. They’ll appreciate it and we can keep these areas open for all responsible dirt bike riders.

4. CREB Track

From Black Mountain to Mount Molloy you’ve got the Creb Track. It’s a mixture of tropical lush rainforest and open savannahs, plus a few river crossings to keep you (literally) on your toes!

Riding the Creb Track is very popular among dirt bike riding circles. It joins the Bloomfield Track which is sort of on the route to Cape York.

This is one epic ride and one that is best done over a two-day trip. Keep in mind that after the wet season, there could be saltwater crocodiles at some of the creek crossings.

If there is one Cairns dirt bike riding tracks to put on the bucket list, it’s definitely the Creb Track. You’ve gotta do this ride at least once in your life!

5. Atherton and Evelyn Tablelands

For a good overnight trip, it’s hard to go past the Atherton and Evelyn Tablelands. There are numerous places to ride here. This stretches out towards the Tully area.

Source: Great Northern Motorbike Adventures

If you don’t know this area well, then join an organized dirt bike tour starting in Cairns as they often head out in the Atherton direction. You can bring your own dirt bike for a discount or use one of theirs.

For example, as per the photo above, you can join Great Northern Motorbike Adventures on a WR450F adventure which is a big step up from the typical and tamer Suzuki DRZ400 offerings.

6. Cairns MX Club

For motocross enthusiasts, it’s hard to look past the community spirit of a club. Cairns had their own club and track which is first-grade and kept up high with maintenance.

Cairns MX and dirt bike Club

Cairns MX Club is very much for development of the sport in a safe and controlled manner. Children and teenagers are very welcome to develop their riding skills and they also do racing/coaching for all age groups.

If you want to ride an unregistered dirt bike in Cairns, then this place is a good alternative that doesn’t require much of a drive. It’s located on Thomspson Road at Edmonton on the south side.

Riding spots roundup

Let’s show you in summary the distances and terrain these spots have:

NameDistance from CairnsTerrainRating
Kuranda20 minutesUnsealed road4/10
Cairns offroad club30 minutesOpen loop circuits9/10
Herberton Range90 minutesOpen forest and tight technical sections8/10
CREB track45 minutesSomething for everyone10/10
Atherton1 hourForest roads and open sections8/10
Cairns MX Club10 minutesStandard motocross track9/10

For most people, getting to these spots is going to require a ute with tailgate, van or dirt bike trailer. Bring your camping gear so you can stay overnight too.

Better yet – hope on a dirt bike camping organized tour. This is a great way to discover some quality riding spots with experienced local riders from Cairns.

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