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7 Best Dirt Bike Trails in South Carolina To Ride Now (2023)

South Carolina has some pretty epic dirt bike trails worth exploring! In fact, you’re really spoiled for choice with these areas.

Whether you live in Columbia, Charleston, Mt. Pleaasant or Rock Hill, you’ll find these places aren’t too far away. Within an hour or two you could have the trailer unloaded and be riding these trails. Unless of course you ride a dual-sport or adventure motorcycle, in which case, these trails are ready when you arrive – camping gear and all!

Best Dirt Bike Trails South Carolina

Frontaer loves to research these spots to allow fellow enthusiasts the knowledge needed to get out there and see the state. After all, watching some other dude ride his bike along the trail through a YouTube video just doesn’t have the same effect.

In creating this guide, we didn’t want to include MX tracks. While we love motocross, we understand that most riders are searching for enduro and single track where they can explore instead of sticking to a closed-circuit race track where others are eager to overtake.

We referred to many resources in our hunt for these regions. Strangely enough, the State of South Carolina doesn’t provide much information but fortunately, some riders in Facebook groups did share out some great information to help us formulate this guide.

Most dirt bike riders in South Carolina choose these trails:

1. Carolina Adventure World

With more than 100+ miles of excellent dirt bike riding trails, Carolina Adventure World gets our tick of approval. There are mud bog holes, creek crossings and the occasional hill climb. It’s mostly tight technical tracks with some open sections but nothing too difficult. It’s in Winnsboro, SC and you can certainly camp here! Highly rated by locals who have left positive reviews, with many out of state folk also dropping by too.

2. GTR Complex

We said we wouldn’t include an MX park but GTR Complex still fits the bill. There are miles of wooded trails to explore yet you can still have some serious fun on the sand motocross track as well as the beginners track if you’re new to riding. Kids will be more than satisified with their PeeWee track, and the precious folk among us will love the shower facilities. You can bring your RV here but it’s best to call prior to book a spot.

3. Enoree OHV Trail

Head into the Sumter National Forest and you’ll find the Enoree OHV Trail. These trails to loop and join themselves and there is a one-way loop that’s reserved just for beginners. The track gets muddy and often closed after storms so it’s best to call up before you go. No camping here though you can head nearby to Brickhouse Campground which is a few minutes down the road.

4. Broken Nut Off Road Park

Broken Nut offers more than 300 acres of the tough stuff that we all need to experience. Not the most beginner-friendly place to go but seriously fun if you enjoy the rugged terrain and testing out your skills and clutch control. No camping unfortunately and it’s best to call prior as with most areas on this list.

5. Cedar Springs OHV Trail

We don’t rank Cedar Springs that highly but it’s worth a trip if you’re in the area. There are just 12 miles of trails and this runs through the Sumter National Forest. If you’re already looking to take on the Enoree OHV Trail then add Cedar Springs to your list too. Again, there is no camping here.

6. River Neck Acres ATV Park

Double J Farms has on offer more than 1,000 acres of side bike trails to explore. Bring all your toys (ATV’s and side-by-sides) because they are welcome here. You can also camp overnight and there are RV sites as well as cabins for large groups to rent. Showers are provided which are necessary after a long day in the mud.

7. Wambaw Cycle Trail

One of the best riding areas has been left until last! This list finishes with Wambaw Cycle Trail which has sandy ATV tracks where dirt bikes are permitted. There are two main trail loops in which you can ride and the area doesn’t close in the winter months. You can even camp here! Maintenance is a tough job and the trail is looked after by the Wambaw Trail Riders which are actively seeking donations.

Getting Started

There you have it! No excuses now as you can literally get out there. Don’t forget that you can also haul interstate too and find some even better riding areas.

If you’re just getting started then Carolina Adventure World is more than enough. Some people just keep coming back here again and again because the varying trails that it offers. Certainly we would recommend camping rather than a day trip.

There are also the occasional group rides and enduro events held in the state. You’ll find information generally within Facebook groups.

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