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7 Best Dirt Bike Trails in Alaska to Ride Anytime (2023)

Alaska is mostly open country and as a result, has some pretty epic places to explore and ride a dirt bike or explore on a dual-sport.

It’s these areas that give it a fantastic reputation as simply heaven for the adventure motorcycle rider. And despite the epic scenery, there are also some MX clubs around the region for those who prefer closed-circuit motocross and enduro racing.

Whether you live in Anchorage, Juneau, Fairbanks or Badger, there are spots that you’ve gotta explore. In this guide, Frontaer is going to let you in on some of the best-kept secrets. Let’s begin.

Best Alaska Dirt Bike Tracks

Even if the weather is a bit cold outside, you should get out there and see what others are missing! Simply get yourself a good jacket and start exploring the region on 2 wheels.

Better yet – pack a tent and make a weekend adventure with a group of friends. Lacking friends? There is a highly popular group on Facebook for others to find others who share the same passion.

Most dirt bike riders in Alaska ride in these areas:

1. Eureka Trails

With over 150 miles of dirt bike tracks to explore, Eureka Trails is the favorite destination of those in Alaska. Head for Eureka Lodge for the night for showers and hot food, especially as you’ll want to stay at least one night to see everything. The trail is hard packed yet it can get dusty and a little sandy too, depending on the season.

2. Permanente Trail

Take the Chickaloon Trail System where you’ll find the Kings River, Permanente and Young Creek Trails. They are interconnected and you’ll do best to unload your dirt bikes at the Permanente Trailhead just by the Kings River Bridge on Google Maps. Plenty of parking here and the place is open year-round, though you can’t go camping.

3. Red Rock Canyon Trail

Red Rock is great for the adventure rider and you’ll find it traversing the Rainbow Mountain region. It’s characterized by mountain roads and you’ll find the area starting from Richard Highway. Simply be on the look out for mile marker 214 which then takes you to a staging area where you can unload your dirt bike from the trailer.

4. Quartz Creek Trail

Quartz Creek is out in the White Mountains National Recreation Area and you’ll find the trail behind double-track and designed for 4×4’s but dirt bikes can certainly ride it. After all, this is a former mining trail. The area is rugged (as you would expect for the Alaskian wilderness) and you can ride here for free. Camping is provided at Mt. Pindle Campground.

5. Caribou Hills

Alaskan locals call this place ‘The Hills’ (and it has nothing to do with the movie of a similar title) though the ambience of the area does feel a little off. After all, this place is littered with old mining settlements. The best spot to unload your dirt bike would be the Clam Gulch Staging Area especially as you can pull straight off the highway into here. For overnight stays, head over to the All Seasons Campground which is just a few miles away with more than 50 sites on offer.

6. Knik Glacier Trail

For 22 miles of sand, mudle and some gravel, take yourself along Knik Glacier Trail. This will take you to seeing a large glacier with your dirt bike. Just imagine…very fewer other dirt biker riders can make such a claim! This spot gets crowded during public holidays and weekends, especially if the sun is shining…so be warned! Also avoid this area during the muddy months of Spring.

7. Bald Mountain Trail

Looking for the rough and tough? Then Bald Mountain is where it’s at. This is within the Anchorage Recreation Management Area and the Talkeetna Mountain Range. With 22 miles of rough dirt roads to conquer, you’ll want to see the top end of your gearbox but might be reluctant with those gnarly rocks in your path. In 1956 a B-29 crashed here and so there is a trail named in its honor with a memorial plaque placed by the wreckage.

Getting Started

It’s time to get out there even if the weather is a little on the cold side. Alakas just offers so much for us riders and it’s little wonder why so many snowbirds come from North American to explore this region. Take your pick at the trails and we’ll see you out there!

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