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TeamMoto Review: Are They Still Good in 2022?

TeamMoto Australia is easily one of the largest motorcycle dealerships in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, but are they any good? Good question.

You see – they’re not the only shop within most city areas. Take example the Gold Coast. You’ve actually got a few choices there and some people even make the trip up to Brisbane or just order online.

But…that costs time and sometimes more money. We decided to write this unbiased TeamMoto review based on our opinion and we don’t have a commercial or business relationship with this dealership.

Let’s jump in.

TeamMoto Australia Review

Australia is lucky to have both independent stores and national motorcycle networks.

TeamMoto in Nerang, like most other cities, actually has two dealerships where they split Yamaha and Honda 50/50, while also serving the BMW riders too. We’ve been to both so we can fairly provide our experiences plus what you should be looking for.

TeamMoto Australia Review

Whether that’s a new road bike or trail bike, or simply some gear or parts, researching and knowing who your dealer is and what they provide is quite important. For that reason, we do recommend that you read online reviews first.

When we analyze Google, we can see that they’re averaging 4.5 stars. This is reasonably good as the industry average sits at 4.2 stars. With any company – they’re not perfect but clearly do the best that they can. There are also some negative riders out there – perhaps you know some?!

When they started

On one hand, supporting a new motorcycle dealership is a great idea to help the little guy. On the other hand, will they still be there in 6 months time? Something to really think about.

TeamMoto has been in business for many years. Based on this, they have the experience to serve customers around the entire east coast including Gold Coast and even Logan areas. Even those on the ADV circuit do drop-in for crucial parts or servicing.

One thing we have noticed in the industry is that some dealerships start out alright, become strong then let their customer service slip in the later years. You then have potential customers asking in Facebook groups if they’re any good, and it’s evident that they haven’t kept up.

It appears that TeamMoto is still running at full throttle. Why? They have almost a dozen stores in Australia and have the marketing power behind them to keep things strong.

Social media channels

Everyone these days is on Facebook and Instagram so you’d expect motorcycle stores to do the same. Surprisingly, not all of them are on to it! Even if they are, the traction is minimal.

As we’ve just touched on marketing power, TeamMoto is established on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. In terms of YouTube, they have been running this for 6 years now:

This is at a national level as opposed to cities specifically. Some of the stores run their own social channels though traction on those is much more limited.


There are certainly alternatives out there and as we’ve said, we’re very much unbiased with our review of TeamMoto as we wanted an independent opinion. You won’t find our products inside their stores *yet* 🙂

One option is the well-known Peter Stevens dealership. Most people are well aware that they are the biggest competitor to TeamMoto.

Another one is online stores. You can buy gear and parts on eBay or simply use a known platform like MX Store or AdventureMoto which we’ve also evaluated.

When it comes to online purchasing, just remember the time it often takes for delivery. Most people want to skip the wait, buy their gear and get back to twisting that throttle. For that reason, it’s hard to skip past TeamMoto for their experience and parts on hand.

Pros and Cons

Considering ordering from TeamMoto? Let’s look at the pros and cons for a moment:

Australia-wide networkLess haggle room
Decades of experienceStores can get busy
Can get parts from other storesUsed bikes are sold quickly
Formal complaints process
Great customer reviews
Expansive gear list
No Chinese bikes
TeamMoto has more going for them than most other dealerships

Keep that in mind when you’re going to a store. Most of them also have lots of parking so if you need to bring in a trailer, then there’s room to park and reverse it.

Contact details

Honda Dealership

Consider there are so many stores across Australia, let’s help you get in touch with your local store:

TeamMoto Honda Gold Coast

You’ll find them at 48 Lawrence Dr, Nerang. They average 4.5 star reviews. Their phone number is (07) 5554 2388

TeamMoto Yamaha Gold Coast

You’ll find them literally around the corner from the Honda store (on the same road) at 31 Lawrence Dr, Nerang. They also average 4.5-star reviews. Parking here can be a little tricky if you have a trailer. You can call them up on (07) 5557 1188

TeamMoto Slacks Creek

The TeamMoto Slacks Creek store has some complaints with an average of 4.1 stars. We look forward to seeing them improve over the coming months! Head to 68 Moss St, Slacks Creek or call them on (07) 3380 5288

TeamMoto Yamaha in Moorooka

The Brisbane TeamMoto Yamaha store is just 10 minutes south of the city at Moorooka (969 Ipswich Road). They have lots of positive reviews but some complaints as well. The store is huge and plenty of parking. Their number is (07) 3426 4488

In addition, the KTM and Yamaha stores are located here too.

TeamMoto Euro Springwood

BMW Motorrad, Super Soco, Kymco, Peugeot and Triumph fans will want to stop into TeamMoto at Springwood QLD for their euro-bike desires! They have both used and new bikes in stock with their inventory changing over monthly. They’re located at 59 Moss St and you can call them on (07) 3442 1398

They also have a riding school here where you can develop your skills on your new motorcycle in a safe and controlled environment with their rider development courses. Alternatively, it’s just a great place to get your licence initially. In the same spot is the Honda dealership too.

TeamMoto Kawasaki

Head north of Brisbane where you’ll find TeamMoto Kawasaki. This store has a good reputation and you’ll find them at 39 Allison St, Bowen Hills while alternatively you can call them on (07) 3666 2088.

TeamMoto Yamaha Enoggera

As an alternative to the Moorooka store, you can go 15 minutes north of Brisbane to Enoggera for another blue motorcycle haven! The reviews on this Yamaha dealership are very strong with an average of 4.6 stars. You’ll find them at 106 Pickering St or you can call them on (07) 3354 5890.

Virginia TeamMoto KTM & Royal Enfield

While the reviews aren’t so strong with several 1-star complaints, those who love the orange bikes offered by KTM will love this store. You’ll find them at 1916 Sandgate Rd in Virginia or likewise you can call them up on (07) 3259 2988.

You’ll also find their Suzuki, Honda and Kymco stores located here.

Blacktown Yamaha

The TeamMoto store in Blacktown in western Sydney has some solid reviews and complaints. You’ll find them at 1 Tattersall Road in Kings Park and can call them on (02) 9421 0645.

TeamMoto Canberra

Head to 30 Ipswich Street in Fyshwick ACT where you’ll find a massive showroom at this fantastic dealership. From Ducati to Honda, Indian, Kawasaki and KTM, to Royal Enfield, Suzuki and Honda. You’re pretty well covered here!

Melbourne TeamMoto reviews

In Melbourne the TeamMoto stores can be a hit and miss affair. Some have very positive reviews while others have quite a few complaints. Often there is a change in management so what you see online may not be as bad as comments online.

In Epping you’ll have Honda, Kawasaki and KTM at 342 Cooper Street. Then head to Frankston for BMW, Honda and Yamaha which are at 590 Frankston-Dandenong Rd.

Sunshine Coast TeamMoto

There is only two dealers on the Sunshine Coast. At 100 Maroochydore Road there is Sunshine Coast Yamaha while Maroochydore Kawasaki (22 Maroochydore Road) serves up the green machines.

Cairns Yamaha

Head to 301 Mulgrave Road, Bundalow for Cairns Yamaha. It’s the only TeamMoto store around the city.

In summary

TeamMoto clearly has stores across the eastern states, with the exception of Adelaide and Tasmania. Perth and Darwin also miss out.

However – they routinely do sell parts as a factory dealer as well as ship bikes sight-unseen interstate at competitive freight rates. Each store is different so give ’em a call and see if they can help you.

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