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Ultimate Motorbikes Queensland: Are They Any Good?

Ultimate Motorbikes Gold Coast has several dealerships dealing with Kawasaki, KTM and Polaris. Are they still worth buying from nowadays?

We had that question recently and decided to go into the dealership to check them out first-hand. This review is based on our experiences as a customer with no bias as there is no commercial relationship with us and Ultimate Motorbikes.

Frontaer is a local ADV and dirt bike brand with its roots in the Gold Coast who are now taking on the world. We’re always keen to help local riders and our guides have already helped thousands around Queensland.

Btw the way: Did you know about the Gold Coast dirt riding spots? We recently wrote that guide to help you find great local places to ride.

Ultimate Motorbikes Queensland Review

Yes – this is a customer review of Ultimate Motorbikes. We’ll be as blunt as we want to be here based on a recent experience. No sugar coating this!

Ultimate Motorbikes Queensland Review

We’ve heard about the complaints surrounding most motorcycle shops. It’s hard to expect them to be perfect in what they do and often don’t have every conceivable part available in their range.

They have 4 stores in SEQ with 2 in the Gold Coast, one in Springwood and the other in West Ipswich.

Their history

What we like to audit is their operational history. When did they start? It’s difficult to trust a store that started yesterday as you aren’t sure if they will still be around in 6 months time.

Inside the Ultimate Motorbikes Queensland Dealership

They started more than 10 years ago and have built up quite a reputation across the Gold Coast and Brisbane. As authorised dealers for KTM, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Indian, Suzuki, Polaris, Moto Guzzi and Aprilla, you’ll find quite the range. No Hondas, unfortunately.

Social media channels

It’s important to consider what social media channels any dealership has. Some of them hardly update their Facebook account so you’re unsure if they’ve closed permanently.

Gloves and dirt bike apparel

In this case, Ultimate Motorcycles Instagram and Facebook pages are routinely updated and have a strong history. This is an indication that they seriously mean business and know where their customers are.

What’s on offer

Essentially you’ll find new and used motorbikes as well as apparel such as clothing and other merchandise. Beyond this you’ll find the spare parts and servicing department which is super helpful across all their stores.

Helmets in store

Yes, there are mild complaints but these often stem from them not having parts on hand. These might have to come from Sydney or Melbourne, or even overseas depending on your make/model/year of manufacture.


What alternatives do you have? Well, quite a few. These aren’t the only motorcycle dealership in Brisbane/Gold Coast but are certainly one of the better ones.

TeamMoto is one that we also like which compare favourably. In fact, it’s their main competitor. Another option is to buy parts online and fit them yourself but this is often slow and cumbersome.

We wouldn’t recommend buying privately as there is higher risks involved. Also, it’s just harder to get finance on a used motorcycle bought from an individual.

Final verdict on Ultimate Motorbikes

So then – should you spend your money with them? Based on customer experiences and reviews online, they’re clearly doing a great job!

Sure, not everyone is happy. Consider that there is a small minority of the motorcycling world that expects everything (and more) who are just generally quite negative. This is why we take complaints with a grain of salt as we don’t know the true story.

As for an established dealership with a wide range of bikes, gear and parts on offer, it’s hard to go past their reputation that has been built over the years.

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