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7 Best Dirt Bike Trails in the United Kingdom (2023)

The United Kingdom doesn’t have that many dirt bike trails or tracks and there are so few in England, Wales, Ireland and Scottland.

In other countries, there are many kilometres of enduro trails and forest tracks to explore. On the other hand, much of the offroad riding is found in motocross tracks and some private farmland. Essentially, you’ll need to head to one of the numerous private riding parks where you’ll pay an entrance fee.

Best Dirt Bike Riding Trails UK

If you’re a dual-sport rider who’s into adventure motorcycling, then you’re in for some luck. You can ride along green lanes provided you have registration. For the unlicenced or unregistered dirt bike rider, then unfortunately you’ll be stuck with the private parks.

These are UK’s most popular dirt bike tracks:

1. Actiontrax

Trax is very well known in the United Kingdom as a great spot for enduro riding and even some racing events. They run regular training for big bore adventure bike riders as well as those looking to improve their skills on sub 500cc motorcycles.

Their home track is Tunbridge Wells track with many acres of woodland forests to explore on 2 wheels. Further more, they have the Exedown Track, Penshurt Track and the Faversham Track available for other events during the year. There is a focus on youth development and they run enduro events here for under 16s.

All in all, Actiontrax really has a good spot and is well organized by a group of volunteers. Even if you’re not into the racing scene, you’ll be able to find some lifelong friends here who share the same passion.

2. Rhyader

You’ll find the best trail bike riding in Rhayader and this area covers the open country and tight forest tracks. These also take you down legal byways and green lanes. If you’re not keen to go solo here, then you can join one of the regular group rides where you can hire a Husqvarna with plenty of throttle on tap. Further still, you can head for the Pyreness Trail or Morocco for an organized adventure rides further afield.

3. Cheddar Motopark

Head near Bristol and you’ll find the Cheddar Extreme Motopark and their all new track. It’s well maintained and certainly one of the better MX tracks around. They are often working on a new layouts to keep mixing things up for riders.

They run racing here often so call head before you head there to ensure you can get some track time. The weekends are generally the busiest here so aim for a mid-week ride.

4. FatCat Motopark

FatCat is near Armthorp and Doncaster. This dirt bike park has three tracks and is immensely popular with those in Yorkshire, England. We recommend calling up a few days prior to heading out and avoid the spot if it lo

5. Bumpy Motorcycle Park

Bumpy Motorcycle Park is a worthwhile addition to this list and you’ll find numerous trails in which you can open up the throttle. The spot is small but it’s good for those who don’t want to risk getting fined on the other trails with their not-so-legal dirt bike.

6. UK Enduro Trails and Green Lanes

There are many trails and most riders keep quiet about these riding areas. You’ll find some good tracks worth exploring on your dirt bike in Crediton which has a very long loop. Namely in England, there is also Brailsford to Atlow, Salisbury Off Road, Ingbirchworth to Peniston, Taddington to Castleton and a good trail system by Markyate.

7. WildTracks Offroad Park

WildTracks is a motocross park with a small area for trail bike riding but not much here. This has been built for the racing enthusiast with 3 tracks with one being ideal for competition use. Kids are welcome here as there is a smaller track and there are regular race days with spectators welcome.

Getting Started

With government red tape, it’s often hard to find good riding areas. Most of the ADV crew pack the bike with some saddle bars and throw the bike onto a ferry. After all, Europe just offers so much more freedom to explore on 2 wheels.

Yet there are still plenty of riding trails especially in England worth exploring which are legal yet quite muddy too, if you’re happy to go a fair way out of town. Grab some mates together and start exploring today!

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