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7 Best Dirt Bike Trails near Vancouver, BC (2023)

There are numerous places to ride a dirt bike in British Columbia with many of these spots being close to Vancouver city.

Essentially, they are close enough that you could easily make a day trip or even stay the weekend for a camping adventure. Either way – Frontaer has you covered with this great list of areas to explore on 2 wheels.

Best Dirt Bike Tracks in BC

Exploring on 2-wheels with the hum of your engine is just so much fun. If the sun is shining, then there isn’t any reason to stay at home watching yet another YouTube tutorial on clutch control and cornering techniques. Instead – you need to get out there!

So much to explore and so little time. These are the best dirt bike riding areas near Vancouver:

1. Kamloops

There is just so many trails to explore at Kamloops. Once you’ve had enough, head over for a few laps of the motocross track over at Whispering Pines. Certainly Kamloops has a strong reputation and becomes very popular on weekends.

Aim for Greenstone Mountain, Scuitto Lake FSR, Chuwels Mountain and Onion Lake. The region is primed for camping with some overnight sites welcoming the dirt bike community. There are regular group rides and there are more details inside the Facebook Group of local riders.

2. Maple Ridge

McNutt has an extensive area in which to ride your dirt bike freely with more than 70 miles at your disposal. Beginners can do most sections though experienced riders really do own this place with its tough hill climbs and descents. Expect 2nd or 3rd gear all day long.

You’re looking at about 20km at Blue Mountain and the spot is reserved by the Blue Mountain Motorcycle Club as for trail riding only. No 4×4’s here which is good. Lots of single track to keep things flowing, albiet a little slow.

3. Vedder Mountain

You can ride dirt bikes here at Chilliwack and there are twice as much space as Maple Ridge. It’s in Fraser Valley and the spot is quite popular with many other trail users.

Source: Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development, BC.

There is the Vedder Mountain Motorcycle Club which maintains these trails for all users. Both beginners and experienced riders are welcome with good maps available. There are rules governing use of these tracks to avoid damage from overuse and degredation.

4. Violin Lake

This is an epic spot in which to get into the woods and deep wilderness. Here is where you’ll find plenty of single-track and some tight and gnarly hill climbs. These trails are shared with other riders so be mindful, but isn’t so popular or well known.

5. Peace River

Peace River is a lot of fun and the terrain is more open-country as opposed to tight technical tracks. If you want to ride in the higher gears and get some more wind in the helmet, then this is the spot for you.

The terrain is more loose as well so the rear end might kick out on some corners. The two most popular tracks are Cadotte River Trail and Winagami Lake.

6. Squamish

Head for Squamish which is managed by the Squamish Dirt Bike Association which is volunteer-run. They have built 2 main trail networks making up about 50km of trails. These trails (Cat Lake, Brohm Lake and Lava Flow) are shared with others including mountain bikes and hikers, so be careful around corners.

Kids are welcome here with some flat areas to practice at. If you want a trail map, then head into OTP Motorsports, No Limits Motorsports or The Adventure Centre.

7. Vancouver Island

We’ve left one of the best until last! You can certainly ride dirt bikes on Vancouver Island, with the best tracks being Whiskey Creek, Tansky and Cook Creek. As you’d expect, this region is super busy on weekends so aim for a mid-week ride. If you’re looking for racing opportunities or simply to find some more like-minded folk to ride with, then get in with the Vancouver Island Dirt Riders Association (also known as VIDRA) who run regular events and enduros.

Getting Started

There we have it! Even if you live in Kelowna or Abborsford, British Columbia, you’ll have some epic riding areas. If you’re lacking some buddies who share the same passion, then get yourself into one of the local riding clubs. They organize regular group rides so you can go exploring without doing it solo.

Likewise, there are also some multi-day trips organized for those who share the ADV passion. Keep an eye out for these events which take you to some pretty remote areas.

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