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6 Best Wyoming Dirt Bike Trails Worth Exploring (2023)

Living in Wyoming? You’ve got some really great dirt bike trails around which are close to Cheyenne, Casper and Laramie.

Whether you’re new to the sport or are an experienced rider, seeing the state or in fact, the entire country by motorcycle is one sure fire way to have fun! Life isn’t meant to be lived behind the cell phone screen.

Best Dirt Bike Riding Tracks in Wyoming

We’ve created this guide after trawling through many forum posts and Facebook groups. This took us some time and we’ve removed MX riding circuits as those tracks are generally for racing enthusiasts as opposed to enduro riders.

To go riding legally, you’ll need a Wyoming ORV Permit if you are riding on public land. It’s best to purchase these online prior to heading out. We also wanted to bring you the more premium areas in which to ride, thus, this list is short yet sweet.

These are Wyoming’s best dirt bike trails:

1. Long Springs

Long Springs is considered to be a great area to explore on a dirt bike and it’s right on the border with Idaho. It’s withou the Caribou-targhee National Forest and there are around 30 miles of single track to explore in this beautiful alpine forest. The terrain is quite rugged and you can camp at Palisades Reservoir.

2. McCullogh Peaks

McCullough Peaks is immensely popular with riders all over Wyoming because there are more than 100 miles of trails to cover in this open area. The tracks are quite easy-going and you’ll probably lift up into 5th gear on occasions too. There are boat ramps and campgrounds so it isn’t just about the riding here.

3. Red Lake Motorized Recreation Area

This is government land and everyone is welcome to ride the many trails and play areas. Given that the foliage is limited, you can really ride anywhere you want in most cases. The staging area allows even the biggest toy haulers to pull up and unload and the area doesn’t close in the winter months. No camping here but some people simply camp overnight anyway.

4. White Mountain

WHen you’re chasing miles of loops and more loops,k don’t look any further than White Mountain. This is another place where it’s open year-round and is ideal for riding dirt bikes. People come from across Wyoming and even out of state to experience this place and really pick up some serious speed on their motorcycles. If you’re itching for top gear, then this is the place to do it.

5. Killpecker Sand Dunes

Killpecker is a sand dune and the 2nd largest in the world, with the largest being Fraser Island in Australia. There isn’t any base here so if you can, fit a paddle tyre to keep your traction strong as you push through this stuff. If you’re jumping then bring some buddies with one volunteering as a spotter during their rest times since this place can get busy during weekends and the holiday season.

6. Boulder Park

Inside BIghorn National Forest is Boulder Park where you’ll find miles and miles of epic logging roads in which to let your front tire lead. The scenery is even better with great views over the valleys and tall pine trees mixed in with some open savannah. Fortunately there is a campground here and we do recommend staying 1 to 2 nights to really see everything. Not much in the way of facilities here though so you’ll need to haul everything in.

Start Riding Today

There is no more time to waste binge-watching another dude cruising along on his dirt bike. It’s time to get yourself behind the handlebars and experiencing these epic trails in the state. Get some buddies together and make it happen today!

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