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6 Best Dirt Bike Trails in Alabama Worth Riding Now (2023)

Birmingham and Montgomery Dirt Bike Riders are spoiled! The Talladega National Forest in Alabama offers some epic riding trails.

Popularity is increasing in the sport and fortunately, you’ve got the spots to go riding for an afternoon or an entire weekend. That’s right – you can camp at some of these places.

Best Alabama Dirt Bike Tracks

There are two types of riders: Those who watch YouTube and those who watch the real trails behind the handlebars. We much prefer the second type. After all, life is just too short to waste it watching someone else have fun.

If you truly want to go get out there, then there aren’t so many limitations. Just bring your bike and you’re good to go. We’ve done the research to help you get started today so you don’t spend another minute behind the screen, because the sound of a real thumping 4-stroke is what we all work hard for.

These are the best dirt bike riding trails in Alabama:

1. The Ridge in Alabama

Simply known as ‘The Ridge’ is where you’ll find more than 400 acres of trail which consistent of tight wooded sections, open flowing trails and hill climbs…with some creek crossings to keep you on the toes. They are trying to open up even more tracks here given how popular it is. This spot is hear Birmingham and Springville (where the Walmart Supercenter is) and you may need to bring a trailer plus your camping supplies.

2. Flint Creek Dirt Bike Trail

Both dirt bike riders and ATV riders can access the Flint Creek Area. Keep in mind that you’re bound to find mountain bike riders as well as those riding horses too. Like many trails in Alabama, they can get quite busy on weekends so we recommend a mid-week ride if possible.

3. Kentuck ORV Trail System

Head near Munford and you’ll find the epic Kentuck ORV Trail System inside the Appalachian Mountains. There are currently 4 trails open at present where you’ll find creek crossings among other epic challenges. Bring some buddies to help you through some of the more challenging sections if you’re new to riding.

4. Minooka Dirt Park

The team at Trails Unlimited and their team of resources made this epic track. It’s designated for 4×4 and motorcycle use so you’ll find some adventure bike riders and dual-sport enthusiasts using this, in addition to dirt bike riders. This place isn’t that big with about 15 miles of trails, but definitely worth the visit if you’re in Chilton County.

5. Atmore Motosports Park for Dirt Bike Riding

If you love the notion of closed-circuit racing, then get along to Atmore Motorsports Park. It’s located on Hope Grant Rd and open for much of the year. Note: You should call before you visit just in case they are running events or are closed for a particular reason. You can go camping here or bring the RV/toy hauler with reasonable rates for locals, including hot showers available. Kids are welcome to bring their dirt bikes here with a beginner pee-wee track.

6. Crossbone MX Ranch

We’ve left one of the best tracks until last! The Crossbone MX Ranch is an epic spot to bring your dirt bike and unleash your energy on their network of formed tracks and trails. Of course there are plenty of jumps and whoop sections to improve lap times on their closed circuit. These are regularly maintained and it’s run by Troy Miller. Camping also available here with children welcome to develop their skills.

Getting Started

There you have it! Some epic spots to go riding in Alabama so you don’t need to hide away inside. Make the most of a sunny day by getting along to one of these spots today and don’t forget your riding gear too.

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