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6 Best Dirt Bike Trails in New York State To Explore (2023)

Owning a dirt bike and living in New York City, Albany, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse or Itacha? We’ve got some great news!

There are definitely some epic riding spots worth visiting. Whether you’re registered or not, you can get away from the screens and get behind the handlebars for the ultimate freedom!

Best New York State Dirt Bike Trails

Instead of sticking with the MX clubs, you can find open riding areas which are free or entry via nominal fee. In most cases, you’ll need to have a trailer otherwise you’ll find it exhausting riding home after a big day on the trails.

In fact, in some of these places, you can actually go camping so bring your gear fully loaded! It’s always fun spending the weekend away from home with a bunch of your best buddies in tow.

The very best dirt bike riding spots in New York State are:

1. Lewis Country

Head near Watertown and Lowville and you’ll find the Lewis County Area. You can ride here in the Spring, Summer and Fall. These are legal forest roads and some spots where you can take other offroad vehicles too. Keep an eye out for other vehicles which may share these trails such as 4×4 vehicles, hunters and hikers. Plenty of mud to keep you entertained!

2. Adirondack ATV Club

There are more than 200 acres of pristine riding areas that the Adirondack ATV Riders Club maintains and leaves open for unregistered vehicles. You’ll find their spot South-East of Watertown while being North-East of Harrisville. Entrance is for club members only and you’ll need to pay a nominal yearly fee which goes towards track maintenance.

3. Whispering Pines Dirt Bike Trails

Near Lyons and Syracuse is the Whispering Pines forest area. You’ll find a haven featuring 20 miles of epic ATV and dirt bike riding tracks which are open most of the year. From hill clubs to water crossings and rolling hills, this place has it all! More than 1,000 acres for you to get you and the bike nice and muddy!

4. Winoa State Forest

Head into Oswego County and you’ll find the Winona State Forest. For years this has been opened to dirt bikes and other offroad vehicles. Nearby you also have the Trout Brook State Forest, Chateaugay State Forest, Sandy Creek State Forest and Battle Hill State Forest which are interconnected. Combine a weekend with hunting at the Deer Creek Marsh Wildlife Management Area.

5. Chestnut Ridge Park

Go south from Buffalo and you’ll find Chestnut Ridge Park near Orchard Park. There isn’t much of riding here but at least it’s open in winter unlike many other tracks which are predominantly summer trails. Worth a trip if you’re in the area already and the camping here is magical.

6. Pendleton Trail System

Located near Lockport and the Niagara Falls International Airport is the Pendleton Trail System. Some dirt bike riders call this the Lockport Trails and it’s a family-friendly ATV riding spot. These areas are open most of the year and there are 15 miles worth of tracks to explore.

Getting Started

There you have it! Some really great spots where you can take your dirt bike for some genuine fun. Keep in mind that you’ll need to be registered and licenced for some of these tracks and some of them are closed in the winter months due to snow.

Also – bears are found in these areas so keep this in mind, especially if you’re camping. If you’re a dual-sport or adventure motorcycle rider, then these dirt bike trails will also serve you well and a great escape from New York City. While you’re there, make a trip across the border and continue the adventure!

Just remember that these tracks are also shared by mountain bike riders so allow them right of way and make space on the tracks.

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