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4 Best Dirt Bike Trails in Hawaii To Ride Today (2023)

Hawaii isn’t just about stunning beaches and mountain walks, especially as there are dirt bike trails worth exploring.

Whether you own your own bike or are seeking to hire one to tear up the tracks, Frontaer has done the research to see where others are riding right now.

Best Dirt Bike Tracks Hawaii

With year-round great weather, it’s no wonder that the dirt biking community in Honolulu, Kona, Maui and Hilo continues to expand. There is also a growing enduro community of riders who like to add some speed to the equation.

We’ve created this guide to help you pin-point the places where you’ll want to explore on 2 wheels. These dirt bike trails are certainly worth exploring:

1. Upper Waiakea Dirt Bike Park

You’re going to need the full day to explore Upper Waiakea ATV and Dirt Bike Park as there are more than 50 miles of single track and double track to explore. This riding area is immensely popular and well known among the local riding community.

All the trails here are marked and you can stay overnight at Namakanipaio Campground with plenty of space to lay out some tents. You can bring your quad bike here too.

2. Kahuku Motocross Park

If you’re on Oahu Island, then head for the Kahuku Motocross Track. You can also ride enduro trails here and they have a PeeWee track for the kids too. The views from this place are stunning as it overlooks the Pacific Ocean.

3. Maui Raceway Park

Over on the island of Maui is the Maui Raceway Park. This track is really for motocross riders and an MMA membership is required to ride or race. You can practice on weekends and some Wednesday too but this depends on the weather at the time.

4. Hilo MX Track

Hilo MX Track is open to members and you can practice here several days per week. It’s located on the Big Island and the 808MX/ATV Association manages this place. If you’re looking for some local riders to network with, then this is the place to do it.

Getting Started

While there aren’t that many places to ride, it’s certainly more worthwhile than nothing. Most riders prefer the onroad or adventure motorcycles in which to explore the bitumen as much as the dirt. Some prefer to head back to the States for a few months and buy a temporary dirt bike to explore open riding areas instead of owning one on the island. Likewise, some actually just buy some private land in which to let loose.

Some people also just hire a dirt bike and there are several hire locations around on the various islands.

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