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6 Epic Dirt Bike Trails in Arkansas To Ride Now (2023)

Whether you live in LItlte Rock, Jonesboro, Fort Smith or Conway, you’ve got some good dirt bike trails right on your door step.

Sure, they might not compare with some out of state options, but you can certainly get out there and twist that throttle hard without a 3-hour road trip. Some of these riding areas make the perfect spot to ride on a Saturday afternoon.

Best Dirt Bike Tracks Arkansas

Frontaer has done the research so you don’t need to. Just like you, we love heading out on the open trails and exploring the wilderness on 2 wheels. Instead of binge-watching yet another rider on YouTube, you could be seeing these places yourself and basking in the joy of a thumping 4-stroke. That’s the best way to live in our experience.

Fortunately, the State of Arkansas has allowed some select riding areas. They are found in National Forests mainly and you can even go camping there too.

So if you’re ready to get out there, here are the best dirt bike trails in Arkansas:

1. Byrd’s Adventure Centre Arkansas

Bring your dirt bike and even your RV! It’s not uncommon to find a toy hauler hooked up here and camping for a few days while exploring the surrounds. In fact, it’s not uncommon to find a plane either given there’s an airstrip here too! If you want to go paddling, there is also a great river system and canoe hire. Oh! And the dirt bike trails are epic with more than 30 miles of clearly marked tracks for all experience levels.

2. Hot Springs ORV Park

If you’re looking for something more challenging, then Hot Springs is the place to be. It’s certainly more rugged with some technical hill climbs which you’ll find 4×4’s attempting. When the day is done, then you can check into the full service campground with a great bathhouse for washing away all that sweat and dirt accumulated out there.

3. Macks Pines

Macks Pines is another private campground with riding areas around. RV’s dot the campgrounds on weekends so it’s wise to book early. The Illnois Bayou has miles and miles of unmarked trails and is located next door. While you’re there, check out Moccasin Gap Trails in Dover. This is within the National Forest and is also located right next door to Macks Pines. Certainly you’ll be well serviced with 3 great offroad trail systems to choose from.

4. Sandtown Ranch

Another great ranch is Sandtown. You’ll find 1,800 acres which are open for much of the year with the trails accommodating towards all skill levels. Further still, there is direct access to State and County land if you ever get bored. Camping is available here but again, book ahead.

5. Wilderness Rider Buffalo Ranch

With more than 3,000 acres of both single track and double track trails, it’s hard to pass on Wilderness Rider Buffalo Ranch. You’ll love the scenic vistas and waterfalls to explore, plus the hiking tracks when you’ve had enough of constant clutching in and out. Reserve a tent site ahead of time to avoid disappointment, especially around national and state holidays.

6. Wolf Pen Gap Trail Complex

We’ve left the best until last! Many riders from out of state love this spot which is in the Ouachita National Park. There are camp sites which are open for much of the year, except for hunting season. The tracks here are clearly marked and ATV’s love this spot as do us more sane 2-wheel fanatics.

Riding Today

There you have it! Some really good spots worth exploring behind the handlebars. Some of these are mainly for side-by-side vehicles and ATV’s so keep this in mind, as you will be sharing the tracks. This is certainly true of the Buckhorn OHV Trail System and Carter Offroad Park.

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