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Bultaco Motorcycles – The Past and To The Future

Bultaco Motorcycles made two-stroke motorcycles influenced from their racing days ceased production in 1983. They made some excellent motorcycles for the on-road and offroad community.

Today Bultaco remains partly alive with electric motorcycles made in Catalonia right where the original factory remains. This is in conjunction with Sherco and Piaggio.

Bultaco Motorcycles History

Bultaco was created by Francesc Bultó who was the director of a similar company called Montesa. He left this company to create Bultaco after a disagreement with the original founder. Essentially, the original founder wanted to withdraw from racing where as Francesc had put thousands of hours of work into developing the racing side of Montesa.

Soon enough, Bultaco had their own racing division and retail arm selling 2 stroke motorcycles. While they expected to sell many throughout Europe, it was actually the United States who become their biggest customer base. The main exported model was the Pursang which had excellent handling and was the motorcycle of choice for AMA Grand National champions. This bike was essentially made for winning MX short-circuit championships.

Unfortunately, production closed after more than 20 years of production. A false-reopening in the 1980’s did lead to more sales though the market unrest and global economy didn’t eventuate to more sales, with a final closing of 1983. Since then, no petrol-driven Bultaco has been produced, though they are popular with old-time enthusiasts.

Bultaco Today

Today Bultaco only produces electric motorcycles and highly powerful eBikes. These are one of the best electric motorcycles you can buy with a seriously powerful engine designed to put a smile on your face.

Have they re-entered the market with a bang? Absolutely. Not only do they produce incredibly powerful offroad weapons, but their legally compliant road-legal bicycles are hugely popular and sell out quite quickly. As of this time of publishing, they are actually out of stock.

Enthusiats are looking forward to seeing a trials based version for those looking for a lighter version without the gas. Yet their badaccess electric offroad weapons are their main focus where torque just about unlimited.

Going Forward

It’s clear that Bultaco has bounced back big. They’ve taken their reputation of years-gone-by of helping motocross professionals win championships, and towards outstanding performance for the dirt bike crew looking to find more areas in which to explore.

Can you take these in national forests? Perhaps. While Bultaco electric bikes are in the category of dirt bikes, their silent nature allows riders to explore national forests without detection from local authorities.

We appreciate Bultaco taking the lead with modern technology and look forward to seeing more developments in this space. If the past is anything to go by, we anticipate a stiff competitor to KTM’s Freeride within the next few years.

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