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7 Best Dirt Bike Trails near Atlanta, Georgia To Ride (2023)

Living in Atlanta and eager to take your dirt bike out for a decent ride? There are actually some really good trails around.

When the sun is shining and there’s nothing in the calendar, then it’s time to load up the trailer and get out there!

Most dirt bike riders from Atlanta and much of Georgia ride at Chattahoochee National Forest with more than 250+ miles of total trails for beginners and experienced riders. This is open to all types of offroad and dual-sport motorcycles, both registered and unregistered. Other users on these single and double trails include ATV’s, mountain bike riders and 4×4 enthusiasts.

There is an increasing amount of people getting into this sport in the state given how much epic riding there is available. Don’t miss out and get yourself out there with this helpful guide.

Best Dirt Bike Tracks near Atlanta

When we started off looking for places to ride, it was so difficult. There were these sites setup where you couldn’t really see where the trailheads where unless you paid some big bucks. This didn’t feel right to us.

Everyone deserves to have access to these tracks and explore heavily. It’s much more fun than being infront of the computer screen…that’s for sure!

These are Atlanta’s best dirt bike riding tracks:

1. Durhamtown Plantation

Head into the Durhamtown Plantation where you’ll find more than 100 miles of excellent riding conditions. These include creek crossings, hill climbs and excellent forest tracks covering more than 6,500 acres. There are motocross tracks in here too for those who want to hit some whoop sections.

2. Town Creek OHV Trail

Located near Athens and Greensboro is the Town Creek OHV System. There are two very well maintained trails here. Note that only one of these is open to dirt bikes and mountain bike riders while the other is for ATV/quad bikes. These are low-speed winding trails where you’ll be in 2nd or 3rd gear much of the way.

3. Whissenhunt Trail

Another great dirt bike trail in the Chattahoochee National Forest is the Whissenhunt Trail. Just go around 6 miles north of Dahlogega and you’ll find the trailhead, witht he trail itself being about 15 miles long. Both dirt bikes and adventure motorcyclists use this trail often and it’s well signed.

4. Houston Valley

While you’re in the area, check out the Houston Valley Trail System. There are 20+ miles of awesome dirt bike riding tracks which traverse ridges, valleys and river crossings. It’s best to ride in a group here given the numerous steep hill climbs which can be challenging for a beginner.

5. Highland Park Resort

Many people from Atlanta and Chattanooga head to Highland Park resort on weekends and bring their bike plus camping gear. The reviews for Highland Park Resort are very good especially as there are more than 90 miles of trails paired with a dealership on-site to help you with instant repairs. No need to bring a spare tube here!

It’s very much mixed terrain here. You can choose from 1 of the 30+ tracks ranging from beginners to experienced riders and they are well marked. Children are also welcome and many families visit here too. It’s best to book in advance during public holiday weekends and the warmer months.

6. Beasley Knob Trail

Another favorite riding spot for Atlanta residents is the Beasley Knob Trail. This isn’t the best option for beginners as there are challenging sections and the track is closed at night, but well worth the visit if you’re already in the Chattahoochee Forest.

7. Millsap Training Facility for MX Riders

If you want to truly develop your skills as a dirt bike rider, get yourself out to Millsap Training Facility. This place has 4 motocross tracks which are open to dirt bike riders which hold an AMA Pro License. This is a professional place and it’s run by Mark Barnett who’s a former national champion. If you’re just riding casually then you won’t like this place, but if improving track times is at the top of your list, then get along to here real soon! They also run programs for juniors.

Getting Started

There are clearly some great spots to go riding and many of them are in the Chattahoochee National Forest. You’ll be sharing the trails with some others who are out of state, especially from Chattanooga. These trails all get busy on weekends with many users so consider a weekday ride if you can and do watch out for the black bears!

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