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8 Best Dirt Bike Tracks in Perth To Ride NOW (2023)

While the rest of the country forgets about Perth and their dirt bike tracks, Frontaer hasn’t. We’ve done our research to compile this list to help local and interstate riders alike.

Instead of spending hours combing the internet looking for the next place to let that throttle lose, we figure it’s best that you spend it out there actually riding. After all, it’s best to spend some of your hard-earned money on the things that make you happy. For many of us, that’s the thumping 4-banger at full throttle.

Perth’s Best Dirt Bike Tracks

Creating this list didn’t come easy. There are legal dirt bike areas and spots which are definitely illegal with police cracking down on those MX riders who break the law. We had to carefully look at each spot to determine if they were worth it for this guide.

It’s unfortunate that there are very few if any free riding areas left anywhere near the city. Residential development has pushed so many places out and old riding spots have been sold out to cashed up developers. Thus, the main spots you’ll find to crank the throttle are the commercial spots where you’ll need to pay a nominal entry fee.

The best places to ride a dirt bike in Perth are:

1. Pinjar Motorcycle Area in Nowergup

Pinjar is the clear winner on this list and one that is well known among Perth’s dirt bike riders. This place is big enough to explore and isn’t too far from the CBD (less than an hour) so you can easily do a day trip here! While you don’t need a registered dirt bike here, you will need an Off-Road Vehicle Registration Permit which is available from the Department of Transport. This is unique in Western Australia which allows MX riders to actually ride here legally.

It’s free for anyone to take their dirt bikes to Pinjar and cruise around on the several trails. There are some great tracks including a short loop, a long loop and a family trail. Kids also have their own section called the PeeWee trail which is just over a kilometre long. While there are no camping facilities, most riders just do a day trip here by arriving early morning and leaving later in the afternoon. Pro-tip: Bring a couple of jerry cans as you’ll probably need a top up.

2. West Moto Park in Wyalkatchem

Head 2 hours out towards the wheatbelt and you’ll come across West Moto Park in Wyalkatchem. This place gets seriously busy here on weekends but doesn’t really quieten down during the week with many FIFO workers making use of their week off.

What you’ll find here is a bike park with a track for quads and one for dirt bikes. The training park is great for newer riders looking to master clutch control and gear shifting in a controlled environment without the intimidation of more experienced riders. What most riders go for is the enduro trail which is 10km long and loops around, with some riders doing time trials against each other.

You can camp here overnight as well as hire a dirt bike if you’re new and wanting to get some experience before committing to a full purchase. They have motorcycles for both females and kids to hire so it’s the ideal segway into the sport without the full outlay. Better yet – they offer regular coaching sessions for adventure riders as well as kids and those making their way into the sport.

3. WA Ride Park in Kirrup

Down past Mandurah and Bunbury is Kirrup which hosts the WA Ride Park. This is sometimes known as the West Coast Trail Bike Park which is a 1,200-acre property roughly 3 hours south of Perth. Given the distance, it doesn’t get as high numbers which is a good thing we think.

This is much like Pinjar but it’s a little bigger and well, they do charge an entrance fee. As a result, you do get tracks that are well maintained and there are dirt bikes which you can hire on site. The PeeWee track is excellent for the parents looking to bring their kids up in the sport. What we love the most is the 60km enduro trail loops which are fast-flowing so you’ll have no problems getting yourself into the top end of the gearbox.

Camping facilities are there with portable toilets but unfortunately no showers. It’s still worthwhile staying overnight given how far you are from Perth. This place certainly gets busy on weekends (locals mostly), public holidays and during school holidays, so book ahead of time to avoid missing out.

4. Dirt Rider Heaven in Mogumber

If you don’t fancy a 3 hour road trip with the kids pestering “Are we there yet, dad?!” then consider going north to Mogumber. Here is where you’ll find Dirt Rider Heaven which consists of some pretty epic tracks.

There are 3 MX tracks for those who love the closed-circuit stuff and the soil is mostly loose sand. If you prefer to open the throttle with the enduro trails then you won’t be disappointted. At this time, camping isn’t permitted at DIrt Rider Heaven (they’re having legal compliance issues with the Council) so it’s only open during the day.

5. Sawyers Valley Powerlines Trail

If you’ve got a registered dirt bike then head over to Sawyers Valley where the Powerlines Track is epic. It’s sometimes known as Mundaring and it’s open to 4×4 vehicles but dirt bikes are allowed with full registration too since it’s a public area.

The track is technically challenging and runs for about 24km. 4×4 enthusiast Ronny Dahl has covered this track many times in his popular YouTube series, so yeah, keep an eye out for the 4×4’s that dominate this spot on weekends. There’s one hiding behind every bend!

6. Cervantes to Lancelin Track

Fanciy some serious sand riding? Air down those tyres and max out those revs while leaning back, because you’re going to need all the powe rin the world here. Just like Sawyers Valley, this spot is popular with 4×4 users who camp the weekend.

It’s best to stick to the dunes here if you can because it’s more hard-packed than the sand on the beach. Getting bogged with a dirt bike is no fun at all! This is the type of place that’s best done with a group of mates who can spot on the peak of every dune given how many other offroad enthusiasts use this spot for adventuring. Look out for those sand flags!

7. The Ducks Nuts in Poanyinning

Unlike most places which typically get busy on weekends, this place is really geared towards Monday to Friday riding. This serves the cashed-up FIFO crowd the best it seems.

With 4 MX tracks which vary in difficulty, most riders are pretty happy with the conditions here with the reviews/rating being quite high. This is flat farming country so don’t expect too many challenging sections or hill climbs to contend with.

8. Murchison Off-Road Adventures near Kalbarri

To really get out there, you need to get to Murchison. This place is also called MOA and it’s a dheck of a long way from Perth! Some keen adventure riders do stock up with panniers and extra fuel for this trip and some dirt bike riders love this spot too for the open savannah which lends itself to seeing triple digits on the dirt bike speedo.

It’s quite primitive out here in terms of facilities so you’ll need to be fully supported. That includes spare tubes, levers, oil, fuel and anything else that your bike typically breaks. This is genuine sand riding and ideal for the high speed enduro rider who loves the wind!

Getting Started

Perth has an established enduro riding club that welcomes beginners each year. While they do focus on racing, they do run at least 2 non-competitive events on private property where the objective is to simply finish, not roost your competitors!

There are also several MX clubs around to help riders become more skilled behind the handlebars. Every single one of them has a kids coaching program to help the next generation of dirt bike riders rise up with their confidence and skills in throttle and coutch control.

To find these groups and fellow Perth riders, simply look them up on Facebook. Have we missed anything on this list? Let Frontaer know as we’re keen to help fellow riders in Western Australia get access to more trails without the government red tape. The more people out there riding responsibly means the fewer chances they have at shutting these spots down as there is strength in numbers.

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