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8 Best Dirt Bike Tracks near Auckland to Explore (2023)

For those living on the North Island, you’re spoiled for choice with several epic dirt bike riding tracks at your doorstep.

Indeed, the entire of the country of New Zealand is primed for exploring on 2 wheels. Some people literally fly from the other side of the world to explore the incredible mountainous views. Fortunately, you don’t have to travel so far.

Best Auckland Dirt Bike Tracks

We’ve compiled this list looking at Auckland Council information, internet forums and popular Facebook groups. There are certainly thousands of enthusiastic dirt bike riders around who are openly sharing information. Instead of you needing to hunt around, you can actually use our guide as a reference.

Bookmark this site like many others have. After all, this is the perfect resource for trip planning on a Friday afternoon. If the weather report shows the sun shining, then skip the family BBQ and head out for a decent ride!

These are Auckland’s very best dirt bike tracks:

1. Maramarua Forest (South of Auckland)

The official word is that Maramarua Forest is still open for dirt bikes, however there are routine forestry operations in the area. Keep an eye out for logging tracks and the like heading through here, as well as other riders. Plenty of blind corners so slow down.

2. Thompson Track Dirt Bike Trail

Nearby there is Thompson Track. This is very popular on weekends so get there early in the morning. You’ll need a road-legal dirt bike for this spot and the police do routine licence and registration checks. Best ridden with a group of mates.

3. Slater Lakeside Motoxpark

For the motocross crowd, you’ll love this spot! Even if you’re just into enduro riding, you can use this closed-circuit track to hone in on your skills. The Huntly Motorcycle Club operates from here with a friendly crew of people keen to help others get into the sport.

4. Fells Farm MX

Another great MX track for dirt bikes is Fells Farm. This track is made from natural terrain and the spot is well-groomed by Ken the owner. There are regular events held here and you can even compete socially to win prizes or simply bragging rights. Good community of riders here.

5. Grapevine Track

The Grapevine Track in the North Island of New Zealand is open to both dirt bikes and 4×4 users. Keep this in mind as you go around the blind corners. There are several tracks open for much of the near. It can get seriously muddy here!

6. The Sandpit

Head into Woodhill Forest on the western side of Auckland and you’ll find sandy tracks inside dense forests. This is an interesting combination which often isn’t found anywhere else in the world. Be prepared to twist the throttle hard and keep leaning back!

7. Morototo – Wires Track

Some dirt bike riders choose to take on Morototo but it’s quite boggy and isn’t ideal for beginners. If you want to actually enjoy a day out on 2 wheels then take the Wires Track as it’s just simply easier. There are still some challenging spots to overcome so it’s best done on a group ride.

8. Thundercross Valley Dirt Bike Park

With 750 acres to explore right here, it’s going to take some serious time before you see every section of what Thundercross Valley has to offer. Dirt bikes love this spot and so we’ve really left the best until last on our list. It’s quite a drive from the city centre though so allow plenty of travel time + time to load/unload in the staging area.

Getting Going

It’s one thing to own a dirt bike and it’s another to actually ride it frequently. Most riders in Auckland choose to only ride in the summer months which really just leaves you with 12 weekends per year. Take out Christmas and New Years, and you’re down to 10, so use these wisely.

Plan your trips in advance and get some friends along. Bring a spare tube for each tyre as well as extra fuel some brake/clutch levers just in case. You don’t want to spoil a great day out on the tracks! After all, life is about exploring and pushing past the comfort zone on 2 wheels while the rest of the world is sipping lattes at the harbour.

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