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6 Best Dirt Bike Trails in New Hampshire To Ride & Explore (2023)

You might be living in Manchester, Nashua, Concord or Derry and are curious towards where you can ride your dirt bike.

Don’t despair! Frontaer has you covered. We did the research to find you the best from the rest. This way you can spend more time twisting that throttle and less time trying to find a suitable riding area.

New Hampshire’s Best Dirt Bike Tracks

It’s one thing to own a dirt bike and it’s another to actually ride it regularly. For many riders, their dirt bike stays locked up in the garage for months and months on end. Eventually, it ends up on Craigslist as the rider has lost time and the motivation to ride.

Bad decision! Riding dirt bikes is one of the best experiences on the planet and there are some good places around. Even the State of New Hampshire encourages dirt bike riding through opening up some State Forests.

Here are the best riding tracks for dirt bikes in New Hampshire:

1. Big Rock Campground

If you’re looking for a place to take the whole family, then this is it! Even if you don’t own a dirt bike, you’ll still be entertained at Big Rock Campground. There are more than 1,000 miles of dirt bike trails to explore here. You’ll get direct access to the North Country ATV Club Trail sand Ride the Wilds Trail System. It’s in North Stradford and the property does offer electric RV sites for you riders who love your big toy haulers. There is even a swimming pool and laundry availab here. Neat!

2. Pisgah State Park

Pisgah is certainly worth the trip! While there are only 15 miles to explore, it’s 15 miles better than nothing at all! The forest is incredible and you can camp at the staging area with your tent or RV. This is a State Park and so you’ll need to check the exact opening time yearly after mud season. It usually finishes around May yet some bog holes remain full, so you’ve been warned!

3. Ride the Wilds ATV Trail System

We mentioned that Big Rock leads to Ride the Wilds, and felt this spot deserved its own position on this list. This connects to the Jericho Lake State Park and the Perry Stream Trails. With 1,000+ miles at your disposal, you’ll be more than entertained for several days. Plenty of accommodation options nearby if the campground is fully booked out.

4. Cat Hole Trails New Hampshire

Cat Hole Trails is very popular with ATV and 4WD enthusiasts, but you’ll find some dirt bike riders on here too. It gets super muddy after rain so be warned – this isn’t beginner-friendly. The scenery is just mindblowingly good but keep an eye out for other track users. It’s best to keep in touch with Sullivan County ATV Club as they maintain this club for everyone.

5. Canaan Lions Motocross Tracks

Unlike most spots that serve ATV’s and side by side vehicles, this motocross track is exclusive for dirt bikes. It’s a closed-circuit track which has a clay base. This makes it damn slippery after rain yet dusty when the area hasn’t seen rain for weeks. Keep an eye out for the regular races which are held on site.

6. Ammonoosuc Recreational Trail

We’ve left one of New Hampshire’s best dirt bike riding areas until last. Get along to this spot and you’ll find dozens of miles of single track trails. It would be an excellent place to ride if it weren’t for needing an NH ONRV Sticker plus we need to stick to the 25-mph speed limit. After all, you are sharing the track with others. This spot is great for a slow cruise but nothing really above 3rd gear unfortunately.

Getting Started

There we have it! While New Hampshire isn’t considered to be the most recepitive to dirt bike riders, there are certainly some great riding around. It’s only after going through these trails that you’ll want to start heading out of town.

Given that many of these trails that we mentioned have camping facilities, there isn’t any reason to need to do a day-trip. Instead, load up the trailer and the tent and spend a few days away from the responsibilities of the world. You’ll be better off for it!

If you’re short on riding buddies then there is a popular group on Facebook for New Hampshire dirt bike owners. Inside are dozens of riders looking for group rides or even just a buddy to join them on a weekend ride through the forests. Well worth it!

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