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7 Dirt Bike Trails near Baltimore, Maryland to Ride (2023)

Baltimore City and its County, as well as Maryland State, offers some really great dirt bike riding trails worth exploring.

We’ve done the research for you to find the best tracks worth exploring. Now there’s no excuse but to get out there and see the world behind the handlebars.

Best Places to Ride Dirt Bikes near Baltimore

Coming up with this list wasn’t easy. We had to scour the internet for up-to-date information about where you could go riding. Some sites actually forced you to pay for this data which didn’t sit right with us.

Frontaer aims to serve riders nationally and it’s in everyone’s best interests to provide this information for free. After all, you simply want to get out there and enjoy the day! We’ve worked hard to make this great for you.

Here are the best dirt bike trails near Baltimore:

1. Wolf Den Run State Park

Definitnely the best place to go riding on your dirt bike is Wolf Den Run State Park. This is about 3 hours out of town by the West Virginia border near the Savage River State Forest. Is it worth the trip? Absolutely. Bring your camping gear and make an epic weekend out of this journey.

You’ll find a motocross track, hill climbs and open areas in which to learn. Hundreds of acres here and you can bring your 4×4 too for some fun thrills and spills. You should get yourself a reservation first to avoid disappointment, especially on weekends when it becomes very busy. This is only open in the warmer months.

2. Garrett Trail System

If you’re not up for traveling that far, then the Garrett Trail System is enough. This is an old logging road which has been transformed into an offroad vehicle trail. It’s better for dual sport and those who enjoy adventure motorcycling more than dirt bike riders, given it’s mostly hard packed gravel.

3. Budds Creek Motocross Park

Head out towards Mechanicsville in Maryland and you’ll come across the Budds Creek Motocross Park. This is an epic natural terrain track which is well maintained. If you’re not up for riding here then come along to one of their regular championship races given the complex can hold up to 20,000 people. A really epic area and the track is long flowing.

4. Piney Mountain Trail System

There isn’t much of a trail here. We’re talking 2 miles of a gravel road through native hardwood forests. Still worth riding? Sure – if you’re in the area. Mostly you’ll come across dual-sport riders looking for a stealth camping spot here rather than actual weekend warriors.

5. Meadow Mountain Trail System

Another small spot out towards Grantsville is the Meadow Mountain Trail System. Some dirt bike riders go here with their bikes to share in what is quite a short trail system. Some 4×4’s also come here so look out for other riders when you’re in the area.

6. Shady Acres Motocross, Maryland

Another great MX track is Shady Acres over in Friendsville. The track is designed for intermediate riders and kids are welcome here. There is a seperate PeeWee track and then run the occasional race here worth watching.

7. Wicomico Motorsports Park

We’ve actually left the best until last on this list! Yep, lucky #7 goes to Wicomico Motorsports Park which offers miles and miles of great dirt bike riding tracks for the enduro folk. Kids are also welcomed here with their own seperate and closed off riding area, while ATV’s also use these tracks. This place gets popular on weekends and you’ll need to pay a nominal entrance fee.

Getting Started Today

There we have it! Some really exciting places in which to go exploring on 2 wheels. Why not make a weekend of it all and go camping too. Bring the entire family as it’s a great segway into the sport.

There are some spots that you simply can’t ride dirt bikes. These include Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge and the Cedarville State Forest. Always check with local authorities as to their status on these riding places. Some spots can be closed due to fire dangers, excess snow or seasonal bear behavior.

You can also consider heading out for a decent-length trip. Going out of state will yield some great riding destinations. Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia and West Virginia aren’t too far away and worth hauling your dirt bikes to really get somewhere decent to ride.

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