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12 Best Dirt Bike Trails in Colorado Worth Riding (2023)

If you live in Colorado and own a dirt bike, then you’re spoilt for choice! There are so many epic trails around to go riding. From Aspen to Denver, to Fort Collins and Colorado Springs, a great spot isn’t too far away.

From State and National Forests to MX Tracks and riding parks, riders really do have the mecca of offroad riding. It’s little wonder why so many adventure motorcyclists and dual-sport riders also make a trip over here, even from the other side of the country!

Colorado’s Best Dirt Bike Riding Trails

There’s nothing worse than sitting at home with the dirt bike in the garage and not being sure where to go for a spin. That throttle is just begging to be twisted with the 5th gear pineed. That is – if you can find an open area. Much of the stuff out here is tighter forest tracks.

For some riders, that’s the perfect terrain to really hone in on their skills. Some riders are literally on the trails every weekend and discovering a new place where they haven’t visited yet. That’s one of the best parts about this state – so many great spots! Not just to ride either, as. you can certainly camp in many of these areas.

We’ve researched and have found these as the best dirt bike trails in Colorado:

1. Hartman Rocks

One of the most popular places to ride a dirt bike in Colorado is Hartman Rocks. It’s a multi-use area so look out for other track users. Each week, hundreds of dirt bike riders head here (mainly on weekends) as there are 85+ miles of varied terrain to explore. Gunnison County maintains this area with good parking and amenities.

2. Aspen Loop Dirt Bike Trail

You can certainly ride dirt bikes in the San Juan National Forest! Look out for the Aspen Loop which is open to dirt bikes for much of the year. This is an old logging road through the forest and it’s maintained very regularly through the hard work of the Four Corners Trail Club. Good signage is present and you can go camping in marked sections of the forest.

3. Pearl Pass

Pearl Pass is between Aspen and Butte and there’s a 40-mile ride between both regions. Be warned! This route is rugged and quite remote with rocky sections as well as some steep climbs. Not for beginners, however, intermediate and advanced riders will do well if they are in an organized group ride with others. Trust us – bring a spare tube, a satellite phone and GPS!

4. Rainbow Falls OHV Area

Found with the Rampart Range area is the Rainbow Falls OHV Area. There are literally miles and miles of forest roads with flat open sections and hilly terrain. Some loose sections too which will keep you guessing. Dozens of dirt bike riders go riding here on weekends and the tracks are shared with mountain bikes and 4×4 users so be mindful around blind corners.

5. Stillwater Pass

Found with the Arapaho National Forest is Stillwater Pass. This is an epic place and where you’ll find miles of excellent dirt bike tracks which are well-formed. Some of these are actual roads and so look out for the logging trucks which whizz through here. Additionally, look for the bears and bobcats which tend to become more active in the summer months and especially late afternoon.

6. Wolford Mountain

If you want some really open areas without the trees clipping the handlebars, then go into Routt National Forest. Specifically, you’ll want the Wolford Mountain area due to its extensive network of marked and unmarked dirt bike trails. With 120 miles to explore, you’ll certainly want to bring a spare gas can for the trip. Due to heavy snow, this area is closed for much of winter and generally opens up again in late April or early May.

7. Rampart Range

Rampart Range is Lucky #7. It’s the most popular dirt biking spot anywhere in Colorado. Unfortunately, we don’t feel that it’s the best as it gets quite crowded here on summer weekends when the sun is shining. That said – with 200 miles of epic trails to explore – it’s often hard to bump into anyone apart from the trail head. Terrain varies and beginners to advanced riders will have great pickings including open areas, hill climbs and even a few jumps thrown in!

8. Texas Creek

Another top spot for a weekend riding trip is Texas Creek which is near Table Mountain. Located in Colorado, you’ll have to navigate to the Texas Creek Recreation Area and you’ll find yourself with miles and miles of single-track and unsealed roads. Registered dirt bikes only and these trails are open in Summer and parts of Fall until the snow sets in.

9. Indian Creek Trail

While not the best, if you’re keen for a quick trip and you’re in the area, then make your way over to Indian Creek Trail. The elevation changes given the mountain ranges so keep this in mind. This track will connect with the Dodgeton and Baker Trails which are shared with other keen adventure folk most weekends.

10. Flat Top OHV Staging Area

Gunnisson Gorge National Conservation Area isn’t typical of a forested area. In fact, it can be quite barren but don’t let that stop you! It’s certainly a place where you’ll finally find yourself in 5th gear and really open that throttle. After all, your dirt bike has probably been waiting for this opportunity after all those tight technical forest tracks you’ve been charging it through, so this will be a welcome change. Be warned! Lots of mud after rain events, so check the weather forecast.

11. Pole Creek Trail

Not much of a riding trail here but a good spot if you happen to be passing by in the area on a multi-day expedition. This place is mostly visited by keen adventure riders and dual-sport enthusiasts as opposed to dirt bike riders, but worht the visit. You’ll certainly feel a million miles away and you’ll be less concerned about bears given the forest isn’t so existent here.

12. Fourmile Area

We’ve saved one of the best until last! The views here of the snow-capped mountains are incredible. To get here, you’ll need to get inside the San Isabel National Forest by either riding your dirt bike in directly or carting it with a trailer. ATV’s are also welcome here and there are miles of formed single and double tracks worth exploring.

Getting Started

And there we have it! Of course there are some other places worth mentioning too. Thunder Valley Motocross Park and Aztec Family Raceway for instance are great if you’re into the racing scene, though this list is dedicated towards casual riding enthusiasts.

Just remember that some of these spots are where you may encounter some wildlife such as the famous Colorado black bears. The dirt bikes typically scare them but it’s not uncommon to find one darting out on to the track. It’s still safe to camp with your motorcycle but just use good practices to store food and pack the bear spray!

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