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Coast Powersports in Morphett Vale: Worth it?

Coast Powersports is a motorcycle store based in Morphett Vale, but are they any good? This unbiased review is based on our research and opinion.

We have no business relationship with Coast Powersports and aren’t compensated for reviews. Just like you, we’ve been into numerous motorcycle dealerships in Adelaide and it’s hard to know who to trust, right?

Luckily we’ve done the groundwork for you. Got a dirt bike? Well we’ll help you out:

Yep – you got it! Now there are no more excuses about where you can ride legally in the state.

In other words, we know our sport and won’t mess you around.

Coast Powersports in Morphett Vale

This is a dealership about 20km from Adelaide’s city centre to serve the entire southern region. Whether you’re into KTM, Yamaha or Kawasaki, you’ll find it here.

Coast Powersports in Morphett Vale

They also have a lot of used bikes coming in all the time. Some riders upgrade right there on the spot with a trade-in and they need to move these used bikes on pretty quickly, so you could get a great deal here.

When they started

We feel that it’s really important to know the history behind the dealership. Just like the big name brands like KTM who you know have been around the block for years, we want to know that this isn’t some shop that started yesterday.

These guys have been serving southern Adelaide now for more than 20 years in their same spot at 220 Main South Road, Morphett Vale.

Mark Flynn the dealer principal runs a closeknit team where most of them have been there for years helping out customers with buying decisions and providing servicing/mechanical advice and parts.

Coast Powersports reviews

Right – the nitty gritty of it all. Does Coast Powersports have a good reputation? Are their mechanics any good?

Coast Powersports customer review

We decided to evaluate both their Google and Facebook and found a reassuring amount of positive reviews averaging 4.8 stars. This is impressive as the industry norm is around 4.3 stars.

Clearly they’re doing a great job at what they do and that is customer service. Some dealerships have totally forgotten this in a world of technology and social media.

Ordering online

Can you order online with this mob? Not really. They are a traditional dealership who hasn’t caught the online wave just.

Also, they only have a Facebook page and Instagram as well. Most other dealerships have just a Facebook page with the occasional post, unfortunately.

Just remember that most of their customers aren’t hooked on social media and prefer to be out there riding all day everyday.

What’s on offer

Not only can you buy a new or used motorcycle for the road or dirt, but you can also pick up your apparel at the same time. Are you a KTM fanatic? There’s plenty of merch here.

KTM on the dealership floor

In addition, there are heaps of spare parts for most modern motorcycles. Some complaints do stem from Coast Powersports not having everything in stock and needing to order from Adelaide or even Sydney.

One alternative is online parts stores but again you’ll be waiting a few days and could miss a weekend ride. It’s always good to call up a dealership if you’re chasing a particular part.

Oh! And let’s not forget the ATVs, Rhinos and Waverunners here. They are southern Adelaide’s biggest personal watercraft dealer as well.

Final verdict on Coast Powersports

The final question is: Should you buy from them? Well – quite certainly they are built on a solid reputation with years of experience in the same location.

We would essentially say YES! They know their KTM’s, Kawasaki’s and Yamaha’s very well. If you’re chasing a Honda or Suzuki then you may wish to look elsewhere, though they have bargains on used models quite regularly.

Either way, they have strong reviews and a reputation in the industry for excellence. Twist that throttle and get out there!

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