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SA Motorcycles in Gepps Cross: Are They Any Good?

SA Motorcycles in Gepps Cross is a dealership representing Kawasaki and Honda as well as other used road and dirt bikes. This is our independent review.

We’re very much unbiased and have no commercial relationship with their shopfront on Main North Road nor are we connected with their Tailem Bend store either. It’s time consumers learned what they’re really like.

SA Motorcycles Review

It’s time to review SA Motorcycles, both their Gepps Cross and Tailem Bend stores. Do they stack up in the industry?

Adelaide has quite a few dirt bike stores so you can really shop around for the best prices and value, but there are times when you really need that part. While we’ve covered some great online parts stores, it still doesn’t come close to what we get to experience in terms of customer service inside a real dealership. That fresh rubber smell. You know the feeling, right?

SA Motorcycles Review Adelaide

When evaluating dealerships we look at a range of factors that customers should consider. That includes when they started, what they stock, how established their social media is. Most importantly: what are customers saying about them? You know like online reviews from customers of SA Motorcycles.

We’ve discovered that they are doing pretty well but not everyone is impressed. Complaints do stem from time to time mostly due to not having parts desired in stock and taking days for the truck to come in from the eastern states.

Dealership age

When did they start trading? Was it just last year? This is important as it’s hard to know if you’ll get genuine service from a motorcycle store that just started yesterday.

The good news is that they started over 10 years ago with SA Motorcycles having two stores. These are in Gepps Cross and Tailem Bend. You’ll find road bikes, dirt bikes as well as jet skis as well with ride days scheduled in Mannum quite regularly.

Who they stock

Kawasaki and Honda are their main lines so you’ll find them pushing those brands the most. But they aren’t limited there and have the rights to sell used brands like KTM and Yamaha. Really all of the mainstream brands come through their doors quite regularly!

You’ll also find popular parts that are genuine from the manufacture instead of cheap Chinese stuff from eBay. In terms of gear, Dianese, Alpinestars and Arai (and much more) are all here in their expansive showrooms.

If we had to pick, we recommend making the trip up to Gepps Cross. Why? Because their Tailem Bend store is a little on the small side. You also have a bigger chance of finding your size clothing or the right part for your motorcycle.

Social media

What we noticed is that SA Motorcycles doesn’t have YouTube or Instagram. Instead, they really just have a Facebook account here which is well established with 40,000+ followers.

When evaluating other motorcycle stores in Adelaide we noticed that most of them don’t keep up with posting on social media and eventually let it slip away. Not these guys! They have posts, images and videos being uploaded all the time.

At the end of the day, they also serve a lot of people who don’t really use social media all that much.

Final verdict on SA Motorcycles

So should you order from them? Well if you’ve found what you’re looking for, then sure! It’s best to go into the dealership as not many people order from their online store.

While it’s tempting to order stuff online nowadays, it also takes a while for parts to come in. Often SA Motorcycles can order parts in and it’s best to call them prior. (08) 8359 0100 for their Gepps Cross store and (08) 8572 3672 for their Tailem Bend store.

Before you go, we’ve got a free gift! Check out the best Adelaide dirt bike riding spots if you’re struggling to discover where to ride. Have a read of this now and we hope you have a blast!

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