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GC Motorcycles in Prospect: Are They Any Good?

GC Motorcycles in Prospect are one of Adelaide’s most well-known motorcycle stores, but are they worth spending money with?

We’ve written this very unbiased review based on our opinion and research online. There is no business relationship between us and GC Motorcycles and just like you, we’re just committed to helping consumers make a choice.

Let’s get into it!

GC Motorcycles Review

We’re just like you and have been into quite a few of Adelaide’s dealerships in the past few months. Because of this experience we’re able to fairly figure out who’s running a proper operation.

GC Motorcycles shopfront Adelaide

These guys are really into motorcycle tyres and you’ll find heaps of sizes in stock at their Main North Rd dealership. There are also a lot of parts too as well as apparel and new bikes on the floor.

Their history

What’s important when analytizing any dealership for their reputation is their history. These guys have been in business since 1987, not some store that just started up yesterday.

Over the years they have built quite the reputation in Adelaide as the go-to place to get some good tyres that last for miles and miles. Because of this established reputation among Facebook groups, they now have around 200 customer reviews.

They look after road bikes and dirt bikes across Adelaide and surrounding towns. Sometimes they even offer a mobile service if you’re not able to bring your bike in due to registration issues.

GC Motorcycles customer experiences

Unfortunately, there are some complaints about GC motorcycles and the prices charged. Negative reviews have cropped up over the years.

Mistakes do happen and people are generally going to stuff up occasionally on the job. We’d love to see them put more effort into their website and social media presence. This is severely lacking compared to other fully set up operations.

Tyre Nerds is the online shop for GC Motorcycles and serves Adelaide as a specialist motorbike store with thousands of tyres in stock for racing on the track, dirt bikes as well as scooters.

Final verdict

So then is it worth heading into GC Motorcycles? Well with anything – call around for good prices. They aren’t the only motorcycle tyre shop in Adelaide but have a strong following in the racing scene.

There are times though where you are really limited for size depending on the bike you have. If that’s the case, then you may just have to go with their offer. Given their extensive history in the same spot and loyal customer base, we’re included to recommend them if you’re looking for genuine service.

Just remember that their prices include a fitment and balance.

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