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Cobra Motorcycles – Are They Worth Buying?

Have you seen these interesting Cobra Motorcycles around? They make race-ready mini motocross dirt bikes for kids.

If your kids are serious about getting out there on the race tracks and nailing your competitors, then this is for you.

They have been around for a while with more than 20 years in business. They use their own components such as the frame, suspension and engine. You’ll find them in Hillsdale MI yet they do export to such countries such as Australia.

Note: We don’t have a commercial relationship with Cobra Motorcycles and so this unpaid review is unbiased as they come.

Let’s have a look at what they have.

Cobra Motorcycles Review

There are numerous bikes in the Cobra Moto Lineup all geared for the young rider aged 5 to 12. We’ve certainly looked at some of the best kids dirt bikes here at Frontaer and Cobra is pretty close.

There are 5 dirt bikes that Cobra sells towards the child-racer market:

  • CX50P3 which is for the newest riders.
  • CX50JR which is a more aggressive 50cc dirt bike
  • CS50SRX King which has a larger seat height
  • CX50SRX FWE which is insane as a 50cc power plant
  • CX65 is their only 65cc dirt bike but a serious weapon

These have all won hundreds of championships each. Rider experiences speak for themselves as they are a serious bike beyond what Yamaha offers for the racer, and certainly you’ll find these bikes sitting side-by-side with KTM.

One of the best things about the Cobra dirt bikes is that their bikes are reasonably light despite having some serious calibre of parts and mechanics.

Parts and Support

One of the challenging things that come with buying from a smaller brand is parts availability. If something breaks – can you get replacement parts? This is one of the reasons why we don’t recommend Chinese dirt bikes unless you’re on a serious budget.

Fortunately, Cobra has some great parts availability and they ship out very fast. This includes North America and Australian markets so young riders are ready for the next weekend.

Their team is also friendly and happy to help riders with technical know-how. There is content on YouTube and you can literally phone them up to get your questions answered as soon as possible.

What Could Improve

As we said, we’re quite unbiased in this review. What could really improve here is their social media content which is lacking. We’d also love to see more dealers on their list so parts can be closer to riders. Imagine being able to drop buy the store and pick up parts on the spot.

Likewise – we’d love to see an 85cc dirt bike in their range. We imagine this would be a weapon just like the 65 2-banger. Hopefully in a few years this is developed!

Otherwise, they’re doing an excellent job at what they do best. And that is to bring seriously powerful bikes to the next generation of motocross racers and fitting the gap that KTM has left wide open.


Cobra has done very well to get a motorcycle brand for young riders off the ground. It’s a challenging market when KTM and Honda have a strong foot-hold. Let’s not forget that parents typically don’t have the cash to outlay for expensive motocross bikes.

Not only has Cobra made their bikes accessible, but they are seriously powerful! Here at Frontaer, we’re looking to see more of these on MX tracks in the near future.

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