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6 Best Dirt Bike Trails in Las Vegas That Are Legal (2023)

Are you looking for an epic place to take your dirt bike for a ride near Las Vegas? We’ve done the research for you.

Best Dirt Bike Tracks in Vegas

This list has been compiled as we didn’t quite find a proper directory of great riding spots. Some other sites were making you pay for this type of information and that didn’t feel right to us. You deserve to get free access to the information you were looking for online.

Chances are that you’re really committed to taking your dirt bike out to a great place. You know – places where you can really open the throttle and not be looking over your shoulder for a state trooper to pull you up.

Because yep – these riding spots are legal. This is provided you have a licence and proper registration. That’s all you need.

Here are the best dirt bike tracks around Vegas that you should check out:

1. Moapa Valley

If you head North East from the strip and past Overton, then you’ll come across the Moapa Valley OHV Park. There you’ll find 25 miles of expansive dirt bike routes which are quite tricky. After all, they are mostly sandy tracks. You may want to swap your rear tyre for something that can better scoop up the sand.

2. Amargosa Big Dune

Another great riding spot near Vegas is the Amargosa Big Dune. Here you’ll find miles of riding areas for those who love the deep sand. You might actually find some great hard-packed terrain as well. Be warned that other users use this area including dune buggies and 4×4 enthusiasts so it’s great to have a spotter just in case.

3. Chief Mountain

Right – we’re going for something a little more hard-packed here. There are 2 dirt bike loops here and we recommend taking both! Unlike most of the Las Vegas motorbike tracks, this one is more hilly and you’ll even encounter some boulders too. If you’re sick of the sand, then this is the place to go.

4. Bitter Springs Backcountry Byway

If you’re a local then you’ve probably heard of this track before. It’s perfect for both dirt bike riding and adventure motorcycles looking for a place to really open the throttle. There are some technical sections but much of the track is open savannah land with some old abandoned mining sites along the way for some interesting photos.

5. Logandale Trail System

We’re finally on to the dirt and rocks here! We’ve certainly left one of the best spots anywhere in Las Vegas to ride a dirt bike until last. You can ride straight from town here and you’ll find yourself with more than 50 miles of trails which are opened to registered and licenced motorcycles, including dual-sports.

6. Motocross Tracks in Las Vegas

If you’re not into the challenging sand riding, then head along to one of the several motocross parks which run open days for riders who are unregistered. These include Boulder City Motocross Park, Sandy Valley Motocross Park and Mesquite Motocross Park. You generally join these MX clubs to hone in on your skills and race on weekends.

Getting Started

Being a typical Las Vegas-style, you pretty much don’t want to go riding at all in Summer as it’s stupidly hot. June, July and August are totally off the cards with Spring and Fall being marginally more comfortable but not totally.

If you’re out of state then it’s best to visit in the winter months. Don’t go too hard at night either as you’ll want to go hard during the day instead. Trust us – Las Vegas is a dirt bike riding haven…provided you love the loose sand!

Bring the big bore 4-stroke, lean back and power through that soft stuff! Any sore bones….well can be sorted at the bar tonight…

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