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7 Best Dirt Bike Trails in Pennsylvania To Explore (2023)

Pennsylvania happens to have some pretty epic dirt bike tracks where you can ride for free or a reasonably low cost.

We’ve done the research so you don’t have to! Plus you can access this immediately. We found some other sites when we were looking for places where we could ride our dirt bikes in Pennsylvania but they required payment. That didn’t feel right with us.

Whether you’re living in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Scranton or Allentown, there is nothing stopping you from getting into the trails and twisting that throttle hard. Dirt bikes are seriously fun to ride and it doesn’t matter if you’re racing that 2-stroke machine or casually cruising around on a 4-stroke, you’ll be well served.

Best Places in Pennsylvania to Ride Dirt Bikes

The State of Pennsylvania is generous and offers some pretty epic spots to visit most weekends. When the sun is shining, there is nothing better to do but to load up the trailer and find a great spot to really open the throttle wide.

Through our research, we’ve identified the key spots that riders typically visit that aren’t motocross racing clubs. These are open areas for dirt bikes though you may be sharing the trails with ATVs and other offroad vehicles. Now, be respectful and you’ll be more than welcome.

The best spots to ride a dirt bike in Pennsylvania State are:

1. Mines and Meadows ATV + Dirt Bike Resort

For the absolute best experience, the Mines and Meadows ATV Resort is an epic place to go riding. You can stay here overnight with a group of buddies and experience the whole place over a couple of days. With 80+ miles of offroad tracks to explore on your dirt bike, you’ll certainly need more than one day! The reviews for Mines and Meadows are pretty epic and you can camp here with or without electricity, bring the TV or get yourself a cabin or cottage.

Source: Mines and Meadows ATV Resort

2. Burnt Mills ATV Trail

Found near Scranton and Ports Lake is the Burnt Mills ATV Trail. Again – this is in Delaware State Forest which is clearly welcoming of those who enjoy riding their dirt bikes aggressively. This spot is also very popular with families and enduro riders looking to really have some fun.

3. Willow Creek Dirt Bike Tracks

If the Delaware State Forest isn’t your thing, then head over to the Allegheny National Forest. This is an almost 11-mile trail loop for dirt bikes and quads looking for a scenic place in which to let go of some aggression. All skill levels are welcome as there are open sections as well as challenging hill climbs and descents…and even some water crossings. You can camp overnight in the Willow Bay Campground and the area is closed in the winter months.

4. Bald Eagle Offroad Trails

The Bald Eagle State Forest is open to dirt bikes for most of the year and fortunately, there is a spot set aside for ATV’s and the 2-wheel variety. You’ll need to head north of Harrisburg and later go west from Lewisburg to get there. Once you do, you’ll have yet another scenic place in which to experience some epic trails.

5. Dixon Miller Recreational Area

The highly-rated Dixon Miller Recreational Area is in the Delaware State Forest has miles and miles of riding areas. They welcome ATVs as well as dirt bikes and adventure motorcycles. If you’ve got knobby tyres – then this is the place for you! It’s found near Albrightsville and Stroudsburg and there are numerous people that use these trails each weekend, so best to aim for a weekday trip if you can.

6. Rocky Gap Trail

Another great spot in the Allegheny National Forest is the Rocky Gap ATV Trail. This is more than 20 miles of a loop trail and designed exclusively for offroad enthusiasts. Bring your ATV or dirt bike and have an epic time! Not so beginner-friendly but still worth the visit.

7. Lost Trails ATV Park

Head over near Scranton and you’ll find the Lost Trails ATV Park with more than 2,000 acres of epic riding tracks. You’ll find boulders as well as loose open areas and everything in between, including some creek crossings. It’s an epic spot and certainly, we’ve left one of the best riding areas until last on this list!

Gettting Started

In addition to these tracks for dirt bikes to ride, you can also check out Clinton Country ATV Trail as well as Timberline and Marlenville. We’ve also heard great things about the Haneyville ATV Trail and the Michaux State Forest has some extensive dirt bike riding tracks worth visiting.

Should you not want to drive too far out of town, then you’ll find several MX tracks and clubs in each city. Philadelphia and Pittsburgh certainly have them if you’re into closed-circuit racing as opposed to free-flowing trails.

Yet we really enjoy our open country areas. What’s even more fun is bringing the kids and getting them into riding at an early age. Yep – some of these areas welcome children to ride without a licence or registration required.

You can go camping in most of these places but remember that bears inhibit these areas, so normal camping procedures apply. Most of these riding spots are closed in the winter months though some may remain open. It’s often best that you make a weekend adventure out of these areas instead of a day-trip as this way you can visit several spots in one trip!

If there is an epic spot that we’ve missed, then reach out and let Frontaer know!

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