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DA Motorcycles Salibury: Are They Any Good?

DA Motorcycles in Salisbury Plain near Adelaide sells Hyosung bikes as well as lots of accessories, but are they worth ordering from?

We’ve written an unbiased review of their dealership and we don’t have a commercial relationship with these guys.

It’s good for consumers to get a good opinion as to whether they are worth buying from.

DA Motorcycles review

Consumers seem to really enjoy the service at DA Motorcycles in Adelaide. With an average of 4.5 stars the friendly staff and great service has left people quite delighted.

DA Motorcycles review

There are some complaints however arising from their lack of parts (need to order in) and busy showroom on weekends. That’s a given and unavoidable in most instances.

If you would like an alternative, we’ve featured the best online dirt bike parts stores to help source that hard-to-find part. The problem there is, if you live in Adelaide, that it will take several days for Australia Post to deliver.

Dealership evaluation

So what are they really like? Well inside you’ll have a unique experience. These guys are more-so into the parts and selling used motorcycles as opposed to the latest KTMs, Hondas and Yamahas.

DA Motorcycles dealership inside

There is an extensive parts, service and repairs department. Often it’s cheaper to take your motorcycle here than to use the original dealership.

Brands on shelf include Fox, Maxima, RJays and Motol as you would expect. They also have a pretty decent range of helmets on offer.

Store history

One thing we really like to check when doing research for our reviews is the history of the store. It’s evident from the DA Motorcycles website that they started a long time ago and haven’t put much effort into updates.

The store in Adelaide

Now running for 10 years, they have built a loyal customer base. The friendly staff seem to go the extra mile based on old fashioned service.

Social media status

One thing that’s a bit odd is the lack of social media presence. They don’t really do Instagram or YouTube however have an established Facebook page with 4,500+ people following since 2012.

At this time of writing their last post was a few months ago. While other dealerships have pushed hard on to social media and content creation, DA Motorcycles haven’t really kept up so this is mild criticism from us (and really, a 1st world problem). It’s clear with so many reviews that they are serving a crowd who doesn’t really use social media as much.

Their unique edge

This isn’t your big dealership with massive marketing spend. What they do have is a great workshop and dedicated mechanics to look after your repairs and servicing, or even just recommend parts for you to do the work yourself at home.

What we really love is their family-friendly nature. You’ll find kids dirt bikes at this store which are the cheaper alternatives to the popular PeeWee 50 models, as well as kids dirt bike clothing to protect ’em when they inheritly crash on Saturday afternoon.

The store itself is quite large and is open everyday including weekends except for some public holidays. Try to go during the week when it’s a bit quieter.

Final verdict on DA Motorcycles

So would we recommend DA Motorcycles? Yes. Their average review rating is very high and our experiences show that they know dirt bikes very well.

The popular clothing brands are there as are the parts and servicing department to look after you for the long term. Very competitive on prices too as they’re a smaller store. If you order parts online instead from online, expect to be waiting days and potentially miss a great weekend ride.

By the way – we know our stuff and we’ve written a guide showing you the best Adelaide dirt bike spots. Check it out!

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