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Extreme Outdoors Australia: Are Their Dirt Bikes Any Good?

Extreme Outdoors Australia sells dirt bikes and quad bikes, but are they worth it? We decided to create an unbiased review of what they have.

We have no commercial or business relationship and hope to simply provide consumers with a zero-affiliation opinion based on our research.

After all – we love Adelaide and have even written this incredible guide:

Yep! You got it. Now there’s no excuses about where you can ride.

Extreme Outdoors Australia review

These guys actually sell a lot of things from camper trailers to imported dirt bikes and parts. They are also agents for the popular Opus camper trailers.

Strangely there are no toy haulers in their range but we look forward to that changing quite soon.

What really got our attention recently was their dirt bikes. They are certainly cheap! When you compare the offerings to Yamaha, Honda and KTM both for kids and adults, you’re probably going to easily save thousands of dollars.

Extreme Outdoors Australia review
These are the Chinese bikes in their showroom.

Imagine they sell a 250cc for $2,500 Australian dollars. Bargain!

But then can such cheap dirt bikes be plagued with problems which are deemed within months to be too hard to fix? Well, we had to find out for sure.

It seems in the last 5 years the industry has really evolved in the dirt biking world. Instead of ‘cheap Chinese’ it’s now a case of ‘Reliable Chinese’ because their bikes are starting to get a reputation for actually doing the job. What’s lacking is the suspension and power, but otherwise you generally get a solid bike.

Don’t just take our word for it though! There are many who share that same opinion too. We’re still siding with the big brands for now in the mainstream dealers.

Customer experiences

Most people are pretty happy with the experiences with this mob. These days Extreme Outdoors sells mostly caravans and camper trailers though they do sell some of their cheap offroad motor bikes on the side.

Are they made in China? Yep. No other country on the planet can manufacture things this cheaply.

But are they any good? Actually…for the most part – yes! If you’re looking for a kids weekend toy that isn’t being thrashed on the MX track and instead is just used to develop riding skills, then this is a good idea.

See – with these Chinese bikes they’re designed to be ridden once or twice per month. On the other hand, manufacturers like KTM, Honda and Yamaha make their bikes to a standard, not to a price. For that reason, you can really open them up and they handle well offroad.

It seems from customer experiences and reviews on their dirt bikes that they’re mostly reliable and do the job, provided your kids are just toying around.

If money isn’t an object, we’d easily recommend the established brands.

The final verdict

So should you buy from these guys? Well, their camper trailers pack a ton of value as do their caravans. Personally we love the Opus camper trailers which they also sell.

As for the dirt bikes, well it’s a trade-off. You can buy something cheap just for the kids to mess around in on the paddock.

The type of bike that will last 2 to 3 years. Or invest in a brand name like Yamaha and KTM which can last 20 years. The challenge is coming up with that sorta cash.

If your kids are just learning, then we’d go with the Chinese bikes. These aren’t as low-quality as they used to be with Chinese manufacturers really raising their standards.

What are you thoughts? Let us know in the comments.

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