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5 Best Dirt Bike Tracks Near Sydney You MUST Ride (2023)

Sydney has numerous places to ride dirt bikes which have either recreational or full registration. We’ve created this ultimate guide for riding spots.

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Places to Ride a Dirt Bike near Sydney

There are actually quite a few spots in Sydney where you can ride a dirt, MX or enduro bike offroad. These tracks and trails are opened by the New South Wales government provided you have a licence and rego. We’ll also mention some spots where you can ride without rego but will need to pay an entrance fee and pay the waiver.

We would easily recommend these riding spots:

1. Pacific Park Motorcycle Complex

Head out past Rousehill on the way to Windsor and turn right. Located near Cattai, the Pacific Park Motorcycle Complex in South Maroota is well-known to Sydney residents as the best dirt bike riding spot.

Pacific Park Motorcycle Complex near Sydney

This is a great spot for experienced riders as well as families. They have a dedicated childrens learning area if you’ve just bought them a new dirt bike. There’s 2 tracks actually – one for toddlers and another for more advanced riders.

2. Yengo State Forest

A very popular spot for dirt bike riding near Sydney is Yengo State Forest. NSW National Parks has several trails available including Howes Trail and Big Yango Loop to Laguna. They also run rallies here. Note: You can’t ride in the National Park, only on the State Forest 4×4 tracks and trails.

There are reports of a police crackdown in this area with rangers and police born riding dirt bikes. Guess what? You’ll only be in trouble if you don’t have a licence of registration.

3. Louee Enduro and Motocross Complex

Located 3 hours from both Sydney and Newcastle (and 20 minutes from Mudgee) is the Louee Enduro and Motocross Complex. This place is hugely popular especially on weekends so get to the front gate early as they open.

Louee Enduro and Motocross Complex

This is the type of spot where you’ll bring some friends and camping gear. They have accommodation on site including cabins and camping.

4. Lochmaree Motorbike Park

Just like Louee above, you’ve gotta be committed for this and it’s best for a weekend camping trip. First you’ll drive the 2 hours to Goulburn then turn right for another hour of driving before *finally* unloading the trailer.

Dirt bike riding tracks

Lochmaree Motorbike Park is well worth the drive though as there are 2300 acres of enduro tracks. This place isn’t really built for MX riders though, but kids are welcome with reserved tracks.

5. Hartley Valley Holiday Farm

The last on our list isn’t our first choice as there are only 27 acres but it’s still a great spot. Head over to Hartley Valley Holiday Farm for a unique experience.

Riding a dirt bike near Sydney NSW

We say unique because in addition to dirt bike riding, you can also do horse riding as well as jump in the swimming pool, use the BMX bicycle track (yes, they have one!) or simply use the tennis or basketball courts.

Riding spot wrap up

Let’s make this as easy for you to make a decision about which dirt bike riding spot near Sydney appeals the most.

NameDriving timeAddress
Pacific Park60 minutesPacific Park Drive,
South Maroota NSW, 2756
Yengo2 hoursPutty Road, Laguna NSW 2330
Louee3.5 hoursWalkers Lane, Lue 2850
Lochmaree3 hours1987 Jerrong Road, Jerrong 2580
Hartley Valley2 hours2187 Great Western Highway, Little Artley NSW 2790
These are the top 5 dirt bike riding spots near Sydney NSW

Driving time assumes the distance from Sydney city centre. If you live in Parramatta or Penrith then you can shave at least 30 minutes off these driving times.

Places exclusively for kids to ride motorcycles

Do your kids have dirt bikes? If so – riding is illegal on public land but even some of the MX tracks mentioned above can be daunting when you have 450s flying past them.

As a family-friendly alternative, you’ll need to choose one of these options:

1. Baulkham Hills Junior Motorcycle Training Club

This is the best kids dirt bike riding spot in Sydney. You won’t even have to travel that far as Baulkham Hills is only 20 minutes from Parramatta even in traffic.

2. Oakdale Junior Motorcycle Club

Oakdale MX track is another great one. It’s designed for kids bike development and welcomes kids from PeeWee size to 125cc. They run regular races and everyone is welcome to spectate.

3. Sutherland PCYC Minibike Club

Sutherland PCYC Minibike Club is worth checking out as well in the southern side of Sydney. This place doesn’t operate as frequently but they do have a good following on social media.

4. Hornsby Junior Dirt Bike Club

Last on our list for kids is the Hornsby Junior Dirt Bike Club. This is a great spot for skills development and the atmosphere is certainly friendly. Great spot to find other riding buddies as well!

Did we miss any riding spots?

There we have it! The most popular riding spots for both adults and kids. If you’re looking to build more skills then have a read of our dirt bike riding skills guide for total beginners and intermediate riders of all ages.

If we’ve missed any good riding spots on this list then just let us know in the comments below as we want to keep this list updated. Thanks!

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