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4 Best Places to Ride a Dirt Bike near Townsville (2023)

Where can you ride a dirt bike in Townsville? Well, we’ve done the research to find you the best trail bike riding spots within 2 hours of the CBD.

Owning a dirt bike is a ticket to freedom. But it can also be a ticket issued by a Queensland police officer or local ranger too if you’re not careful.

Frontaer wanted to write this guide to ensure you’re on the right path. As always, you will need to have a registered dirt bike and be licensed unless it’s private property or a motocross track.

Places to Ride a Dirt Bike near Townsville

Once you get out of the city, there are certainly a few good choices out there. Some of these you can ride your trail bike straight from home while others on this list will need some form of transport such as a trailer, ute or van. Buy one, hire one or simply pitch your mates’ unit for the weekend.

(Actually, just drag ’em along for the ride. The more the merrier!)

One strong recommendation is to join the Townsville Enduro Club. They are a non-profit enterprise who organize rides on private properties and beginners are welcome to join. The cost to join is very reasonable at $55 per year.

Now as for casual riding, here are the best dirt bike riding spots near Townsville:

1. Paluma Range National Park (Bluewater Track)

Head an hour north east of Townsville and you’ll come across a gem of a place to bring your dirt bike. This rainforest trail has waterfalls, mud and some technical sections.

Dirt biking through Paluma Range National Park near Townsville

In our opinion, it’s easily the best place to go dirt bike riding. You can easily do a day trip here with a group of mates. Leave in the morning and return home by sunset.

2. Townsville Motorcycle Club (Woodstock Motocross Track)

Why go anywhere at all? The Townsville Woodstock Motocross Track is located in Barringha about 15 minutes out of town.

Townsville Motorcycle Club

This place is perfect for kids to learn how to ride a dirt bike while parents can also join in on the fun. Membership to the Townsville Motorcycle Club is affordable and there are several tracks here to chose from.

3. Dalrymple National Park

Head 90 minutes south-west of Townsville and you’ll come across the dirt bike riding mecca. The Dalrymple National Park is an awesome place to really open that throttle and explore the region.

Dalrymple National Park near Cairns

This is the sorta place where you’ll want to bring your camping gear for an overnight journey. Camping is permitted here and there are sites for toy hauler caravans as well.

4. White Mountains National Park

Let’s be fair – this place is a few hours outside of Townsville. You’ll have to go past Charters Towers first because it’s that remote.

While the map doesn’t show much, there are certainly some undiscovered riding tracks that the locals like to hit up on weekends. Poison Valley Road is the way to go with the track being about 30km in length. If you’re sick of crowded tracks then this is for you.

Certainly for the adventure motorcycling enthusiast, this is worth the ride!

Tips to find riding tracks

Easily the best thing you could ever do is to join the DSMRA Townsville and Cairns branch. They organize about 10 rides per year in the wet season.

The Townsvilla DSMRA are a friendly bunch of gents!

Another thing you can do is trade your MX bike in for an enduro bike that’s registered. This opens up so many more riding possibilities.

These 3 dirt bike shops can help you out:

  • Rising Sun Motorcycles Townsville (Honda)
  • Future Sport Motorcycles Townsville (KTM and Suzuki)
  • SunCity Yamaha
  • Townsville Kawasaki
  • JR’s Motorcycles (Husqvarna)

These dirt bike stores can also help you find some riding local riding spots too.

Unfortunately for Townsville, there aren’t that many good riding spots near a town so it’s best to find tracks a couple of hours a way. Many locals head up to Cairns and explore the region up there over a long weekend.

Again – it’s best to jump on a group ride with DSMRA or the local motorcycle club. You can meet friends and discover new tracks while being in a safe and supportive environment with sweep riders.

Getting started

Now that you’ve got some idea on where you can ride, just remember that safety is key. Wear all your gear including a chest protector and avoid going solo if you can.

Townville is a great spot for adventure motorcycles and if trail bike riders have a trailer to haul their bike with, then they can have just as much fun.

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