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Moto Adelaide Review: Are They Any Good?

Moto Adelaide is the #1 BMW Dealership in Adelaide as well as stocking Honda, KTM and Husqvarna. But are you getting a genuinely good deal?

We’ve created this unbiased Moto Adelaide review to provide an opinion to consumers. There is no commercial relationship with us and this South Australian motorcycle dealership.

Frontaer is simply a brand that helps people get out there on their ADV and dirt bikes. We’ve built our site to help you and a prime example is our guide showing the best Adelaide dirt bike riding spots. There ain’t no excuses now about where to ride! 😀

Moto Adelaide Review

There are some good dealerships out there and there are some shonky ones as well. Shopping around is always a good idea so you know you’re genuinely getting the best deal in the market.

However, using an online parts store is sometimes a bad idea as you have to wait days for parts to come in from the eastern states. Argh!

This is why going into a dealership like Moto Adelaide in Melrose Park could be a good idea. They sell dirt bikes and road bikes too generally for the older crowd.

Inside the dealership

Heading inside and you’ll find a friendly crew who really knows their motorcycles. This isn’t one of the smaller shops with used bikes everywhere.

Everything is clean and fresh with that strong smell of ‘new’! Rubber, paintwork and apparel – it’s all here.

There is plenty of parking on site or you can park on one of the side streets. There is certainly space to bring a trailer in if you’re buying an unregistered MX bike.

Customer experiences

What are customers saying about this dealership? We looked online and found most of them were happy with the service they got from Moto Adelaide.

However, not everyone is happy. There are complaints stemming from not having every part in stock and also the place being busy on weekends.

That’s typical of most dealerships actually. Whether you order parts online or simply go into a dealership and order those parts, you’ll still have to wait.

Social media channels

What’s important is knowing that these guys are investing into their customers. Are they on social media? We checked out Moto Adelaide which are. Well, their Facebook account here is reasonably active as is their Instagram page with some stunning photos of riding destinations.

You won’t find them on other channels though. Most of their demographic such as the BMW riders hardly use social media anyways.

Most stores in the United States have progressed towards using YouTube as a channel to show products. We look forward to seeing Australian stores like this follow suit in the near future and catch this trend.

What to expect

With any dealership who prides themselves on service, you can expect to be looked after here. It doesn’t matter if you’re buying a trail bike or a road bike, they have staff that are very knowledgeable.

One real letdown is the inability to order online. We’d love to see a click-and-collect service as no one wants to be waiting in line for parts. Even a delivery-on-demand service would be helpful too.

Final verdict on Moto Adelaide

So would we recommend them? Sure, but only for the right customer. If you’re into the blue and red bikes, then they only sell used Hondas and Yamahas here. Sorry.

You’ll also find other dealerships on the northern side of Adelaide to save you the trip too. Either way – based on our experiences and research, Moto Adelaide has been around a long time and does look after their customers.

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