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Hinterland Motorcycles: A good Gold Coast dealer?

Hinterland Motorcycles on the Gold Coast in Nerang are one of the smaller stores on the Glitter Strip, but are they worth visiting for bikes or gear?

We decided to write this unbiased review. Please note that we don’t have a commercial or business relationship with Hinterland Motorcycles. Just like you, we hear the ads on the radio quite often.

After all – we’re locals. In fact, we wrote the ultimate Gold Coast dirt biking spots guide that’s being shared around social media right now. Essentially there are offroad tracks around if you know where to look. 😉

Hinterland Motorcycles review

Have you been into dealerships these days? Most of them are suffering because of online sales and the staff are a bit jaded.

They’re over the people who simply come in for a ‘look and see’ and simply want customers to actually buy some products. Whether that’s a new motorcycle, some apparel or some parts. Either way – it’s KPIs and cash flow for the business.

We recently went into Hinterland Motorcycles and had a different experience. We went in to purchase a new jersey and left with even more gear because the sales team is very helpful and non-pushy.

This is the sort of place that we’d love to have our Frontaer products featured in. We’re totally over the dealers who are just out to make a buck and that’s it. The best businesses are those who go for the long play, which brings us on to our first point in this review.

Their history

We recommend looking for dealers who have been around for years and years, not those who just started yesterday. Yes – supporting the new business is wise but will they still be around in 6 months if issues arise?

With an established business, you know you’re getting a fair deal by a team who has genuine experience in the industry. They simply lead with their best prices and keep a clean operation.

With Hinterland Motorcycles, they have been at the same spot in Nerang now for 25 years with a strong reputation. Glenn and Colin have 40 years experience each in the industry to provide recommendations and advice, with their team more than knowledable as our experience has shown.

Social media following

We recommend checking out established social media followings with any companies you intend to buy from these days. That’s where people are right now – on social media or on Google. That’s how you found us here at Frontaer!

When we checked out Hinterland Motorcycles on Facebook recently we noticed how often they post. Not only this but they have LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram as well.

Some other dealers are also moving towards YouTube. This will happen in due time we’re sure as more people are comfortable enough to order from home.

At the end of the day though, this is a family-run business. They don’t have the marketing teams to deploy like the big giants in town.

Local knowledge

One of the great things about these guys is their local knowledge. We asked them some advice on local riding tracks for kids and they pointed us in the right direction. If you’re curious – we shared that in our guide above.

Also, as they’re local, you’ll know that they’re all about reputation. A lot of their customers keep coming back again and again. When buying from an online store, that money is generally going interstate or even overseas.

They can also source parts from Brisbane pretty quickly with their connections. If you’re itching for a weekend away but need something urgently, then they can sometimes pull some strings to make that happen.

Hinterland Motorcycles final verdict

So then should you head into their dealership? If you value family ethics and strong customer service, then yes! Our experience was more than expected.

They aren’t the biggest dealership on the Gold Coast and certainly don’t pretend to be. You won’t find 30 other people inside this store with kids running around, though they certainly welcome children.

Pro-tip: Head there mid-week when it’s quieter as there are complaints about how busy this place gets on a weekend.

At the end of the day, if you’re chasing a reliable Gold Coast motorcycle store, then there’s so few we’d recommend more than Hinterland Motorcycles.

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