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Peter Stevens Motorcycles Adelaide: Are They Any Good?

Peter Stevens Motorcycles in Adelaide are the city’s biggest motorcycle dealership by far, but is it worth spending your hard-earned money here?

We’ve designed to create this unbiased review based on research and our opinion. There is no commercial business relationship between us and the Peter Stevens business empire.

Essentially we want consumers to get an independent opinion here as well as hope those into the dirt biking world. And yes Adelaide – we get you! Check this out:

How is that for value?! Now you actually know where to ride right across South Australia. Neat!

Peter Stevens Motorcycles Adelaide review

We’re only talking about the Adelaide dealership here as the Peter Stevens Motorcycles stores actually are present in just about every city and state across Australia.

Peter Stevens Motorcycles Adelaide review

Just like you we’ve been into a bunch of dealerships. You learn pretty quickly who has a genuine operation and others who are simply operating with duck tape and zip ties.

In our experience, you sorta get what you pay for. If you pay a premium price then you get a premium service.

Customer experiences

When we evaluate any dealership, we really think about the customer experiences. Just like you we look at online reviews about Peter Stevens and then pass judgement.

Some of the common complaints stem around rudeness and arrogance. Personally we feel this is a small minority of people (both the sales guys and the customers) and for the most part, everyone does a pretty good job.

Peter Stevens Motorcycles Adelaide dirt bikes

The reviews also show that they don’t always have all the parts you need in stock. This could mean waiting several days or up to a week (if there’s a public holiday) for your gear to come through from Sydney or Melbourne. That’s a quick way to spoil a weekend ride with mates.

The again if you order stuff online yourself from say MX Store then you’ll probably have a similar experience. It takes time for trucks to send stuff over.

Their history

What we love to see with any dealer is a clear history spanning many years. These guys have been in their same spot for years and years now with customers coming back month after month. That’s reputation.

They have also evolved with changing times too. They are one of the very few dealerships using YouTube to showcase their products. This is very popular in the United States but very few people are doing it here in Australia.

What we really love about these guys is that they don’t just stock to one brand and become raving fans. You’ll find all the brands of road and offroad motorcycles in their store located on Franklin St.

Ordering online

Peter Stevens have moved into the digital age and you can order your gear online. The only problem is that they don’t really offer a Click-and-Collect service for busy people.

Apparel on the shelves

For most people they still go into the store and pick up their gear from the racks. If you live outside of the city then ordering online is certainly the best way to go. The other online MX stores based in the eastern states just take way too long to get their stuff to you.

They also accept phone orders and they might be able to source you parts that aren’t available through their online platform.

Final verdict on Peter Stevens Adelaide

So then – should you open your wallet? Given their size and reputation, it’s pretty evident that you’ll be safe if you order from them.

If anything goes wrong, then that national buying power protects the consumer. Peter Stevens is one of the few stores we feel most comfortable spending dollars with (we’re dirt bike enthusiasts) and certainly our #1 pick to have Frontaer on the shelves in the coming months.

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