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K & M Motorcycles in Richmond: Are They Any Good?

K & M Motorcycles is a Richmond-based motorcycle repair shop with a lot of positive reviews and customer experiences. But are they really that good?

We have no commercial business relationship with them and felt consumers could have an unbiased opinion. Frontaer is a brand within the adventure motorcycling fraternity that’s progressing in the world.

Let’s jump straight in!

K & M Motorcycles Review

There are really two sides to this company. Upfront you’ve got the sales side where you can purchase a new or used motorcycle. You can even purchase a K & M Built beast of a machine too!

Then you’ve got the other side: Parts. They sell a range of parts for both new and used motorcycles and if they don’t have the part in stock, then they can certainly source it for you!

The brands they stock include Triumph, Royal Enfield and Harley Davidson with some bikes dating back 50 years!

Customer experiences

K & M have a lot of positive reviews based on the top quality work that they do. They’ve been established in Adelaide since 1981 and people have grown to trust the name for quality over the years.

If you’re looking for a custom motorcycle in Adelaide, then this is the place to go! This place is very much old school and knows their stuff.

Some of their customer bikes have dated back to 1903 which is incredible.

Final verdict

So should you spend your hard-earned money with this mob? Well – that depends on how much you value a clean build and reputation.

They love what they do and have been doing it a long time. The workshop isn’t exactly pretty but that’s what it’s known for with stuff literally everywhere.

Adelaide might be a conservative city with cops everywhere but at least there’s an outlet to express what you really want.

K & M serves a unique market that loves the old school flair without the make-up and if that’s you, then you’ve found the perfect spot.

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