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Sunstate Motorcycles Queensland: Are They Any Good?

Sunstate Motorcycles based on the Gold Coast, Fraser Coast and Sunshine Coast have been selling motorcycles for years, but are they still worth buying from?

We’ve created this totally unbiased review of their dealership. No – we don’t have any commercial or business relationship with these guys.

Just like you, we’re 2-wheel enthusiasts. We prefer to get on the dirt and the Frontaer brand is growing strong month on month across the world.

Recently we went into Sunstate Motorcycles and designed to detail our experiences.

Sunstate Motorcycles Review

There are some great dealerships and not so great dealerships out there. Reading online reviews is one thing, but actually going into the store is another. You could completely have a different experience, either positive or negative, compared to what’s online.

The Sunstate Motorcycles dealerships average low 4 star reviews. Is this bad? That depends on who left the negative complaints and criticism.

You see, there is a small minority within the motorcycling community who are inheritly negative and will find any reason to leave a 1-star review. Part not in stock? Not good enough. Busy store with customers? 1-star rating instantly.

This is why we take things with a grain of salt and recommend you simply head into the stores yourself, whether that’s Sunstate or anyone else.

Where they are

Did you know there are 6 stores in total? Some of them stock motocross gear while others are more road bike and jet ski orientated.

LocationContact details
Sunstate Motorcycles Gold Coast12 Lawrence Drive, Nerang
There are 2 dealerships here in the same complex.
Sunstate Motorcycles Sunshine Coast76 Aerodrome Road, Maroochydore
Prestige motorcycles are a few doors down at
86 Aerodrome Road, Maroochydore
86 Parker St, Maroochydore
Yes, 3 dealerships here
Sunstate Motorcycles Pialba81 to 83 Old Maryborough Road, Pialba
(about 27 minutes from Maryborough)
Both dealerships are right next door to each other

Each of these dealerships has their own unique motorcycles, parts and gear so it’s wise to figure out what you’re looking for first.

Social media channels

Social media is a big thing nowadays. While the older generation has been reluctant to get onboard, there is a bigger crowd of 20 to 35’s now riding motorcycles either on the road or on the dirt.

For this reason, dealerships do need to at the very minimum have a Facebook and Instagram page. Most importantly – they should be posting quite regularly like every 2 to 3 days.

That is certainly the case with Sunstate for both their Facebook page and Instagram page. Plenty of great content and it isn’t really ‘sales-ey’ like other dealerships we’ve reviewed recently.

What’s unique

These guys are independent and aren’t associated with just one brand. Therefore you’ll find them able to recommend other brands. For example, let’s say you’re looking to buy an adventure motorcycle. Well, the Triumph Tiger is one option, but so is the Yamaha Super Tenere or KTM 690R.

Also, their stores are much more family-orientated. You can go in there with kids in tow and not get a stern look. Kids will love checking out the jet skis and Polaris 4x4s as well as the little dirt bikes as well.

Final verdict on Sunstate Motorcycles

So then with that in mind, should you buy from these guys? If you value the trust and reputation of an established branch of stores with competitive prices – then sure! Their average review rating is also higher than the industry average which is excellent to see.

Not everyone is happy, but just remember the people who want to blow things out of proportion. Those are the type of people who you don’t really want to ride with.

Sunstate Motorcycles therefore, is one of just a few that we’d recommend for Queenslanders.

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